All It Takes Is A Little Magic Thinking

Researchers at Yale wanted to see if they could get self described Conservatives to think more like Liberals.

They “told a group of participants to imagine that they’d been granted a superpower by a magic genie and were suddenly as invincible as Superman.”  When asked about their opinion on political statements “The conservative participants, on the other hand, started adopting more liberal views on social issues (though not economic ones.)”


So does this mean liberals live in a dream world where they believe somehow they are invincible? It would explain all the sexual assaulters on the left.

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  1. Kids are indoctrinated early enough via public education. I’d rather not have my tax $$$ used for a “research” study determined to flip conservatives.

  2. As the saying goes: A conservative is a liberal who’s been mugged. Welcome liberals to the real world.

  3. They granted only some of Superman’s powers. Invincibility for one group and only flying to a control group.

    If they granted them all to me, I’d round up all the liberals and dump them in some lush area they could survive in, hence they would want to stay where there aren’t any conservatives and the land was beautiful.

    There would be MUCH less crime in conservative land and less need to carry a gun. But I would bet Hell would develop in Liberal land from all the lazy takers being in one place. Carrying guns in Liberal-land would become normal and necessary.

  4. So essentially, if a conservative lives in a fantasy world, he becomes a liberal.

    But since I live in the real world, I am a conservative.

    As a kid, I memorized this opening. I was crushed when George Reeves died (suicide or mob hit by husband of t,he gal he was shacking up with).

    Looking back, it was very hokey and not great in special effects, but still far better t,Han some of the recent big budget Superman movies.

  6. A friend told me all liberals are dog eared,monkey faced, lying and thieving s.o.b,s. I demanded an apology. None had dog ears.

  7. @ DrRiff:

    So essentially, if a conservative lives in a fantasy world, he becomes a liberal.

    Bingo. Liberals believe they can change human nature to meet their ideals, such belief is of course fantasy. A conservative, told to accept for the sake of the experiment that this particular fantasy is a reality, could very easily come up with beneficial ideas to change human nature, but would always know that he’s engaged in an artificial environment and not the real world.


    They put a measuring probe on a straight man’s penis, and let him watch gay porn. If the probe measured increase in size, that means he’s gay.

    What it means is, is that a guy has something on his penis and is thinking about sex. Not a desire to bang some gay dude in the butt.
    However, to the gay lobby, everything means you are a closet homosexual. If they then brought in a gay guy to the experiment room and offered gay sex, and the patient did it, THEN I can accept that he’s probably gay.

  9. @Dr. Tar – I never suspected you were a Pee Wee’s Playhouse fan.

    I’ll never forget when Pee Wee used one of his wishes to give Jombee (or however you spell it) a pair of hands, and Jombee left, saying “There’s something I’ve always wanted to do.”

  10. Although, now that I look at it, KalEl, who was adopted by the Kent’s, and raised as Clark Kent, technically was an undocumented alien.

  11. The premise for this “scientific” study “…People embrace political conservatism (at least in part) because it serves to reduce fear, anxiety, and uncertainty; to avoid change, disruption, and ambiguity; and to explain, order, and justify inequality among groups and individuals”, is a load of leftist clap trap. Conservatism is presented as a crush for embiceles incapable of progressive elightenment without social engineering. This foolish socialist concept has been around a very long time. Now, dimwitted Melinials are taking their turn at attempting to brainwash those “wascally” alt right.

  12. @Uncle Al I don’t think anyone could recreate something even close to the manic joy of pee-wee’s show.

    I liked it because it was so weirdly wonderful. It talked to kids but didn’t talk down to them.

  13. If we gave the World Rubber Walls and it couldn’t be Damaged, how would you proceed with your most Evil of Plans ?

  14. @Dr Tar. Peewees playhouse also contained lots of disguised dirty jokes. Kids didn’t get them, but starting a Saturday morning back in the 90s with a bong hit and watching peewee was hilarious.

    How about this one?

    Peewee: Hey Cowboy Curtis, you sure have big boots.
    Cowboy Curtis: Well Peewee. You know what they say.
    Big feet. Big boots.

  15. Let’s do an alternate experiment.

    Liberals who love illegal immigrants must imagine what it would do to their lives if they were forced to feed, house, and educate them on their dime only.

    Liberals who propose gun control must imagine how helpless they would be as their spouse is raped in front of them.

    Liberals who support murder by abortion must imagine what it would feel like to have their limbs torn from their bodies and a giant needle jammed in their brain and the injected hypertonic saline destroying their brain.

    I cold go on,but I bet most of them when encountering reality would become conservatives.

    FIFY you stupid Yale psych.


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