ALL of Dr. Fauci’s Flip-Flops – IOTW Report

ALL of Dr. Fauci’s Flip-Flops

Steven Crowder balls up Fauci and kicks him into the trash can.

*Some naughty language*

5 Comments on ALL of Dr. Fauci’s Flip-Flops

  1. If it’s about Fauci, it should be ALL naughty language.

    At least that’s all I use when *I* refer to him.

  2. It’s because of Fauci’s flip flops and confusion that the Democrats are claiming the Trump Administration was slow to react when the reality is the Trump was running rings around this idiot asswipe but Trump doesn’t get favorable press.

  3. At a certain point, you’ve used up your lifetime allotment of oxygen. Stop talking, Dr. Faustus.
    Better yet…


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