All Talk, No Substance

Chuck Schumer attempted to use a saying from Texas to describe his thoughts on the recent agreement with North Korea. I don’t know what the Texas idiom is for an embarrassing failure, but Schumer achieved it on the Senate floor.  Here

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  1. My granddaddy was a rancher in Florida. His biggest dismissal of a loudmouth was always “All hat, no cattle”.

    The expression is older than Texas.

  2. Schmuckles is worthless as hen shit on a pump handle

    … or as they say in Texas, “hannal”

  3. All cattle and no hat
    All bullshit and no facts.
    Now get on your high horse and ride off into the sunset,
    you schmuck!

    Moe Tom

  4. A while back he tried to ridicule Republicans by comparing them to Laurel & Hardy. The millennials were completely flummoxed. But what do you expect from a guy whose reading glasses are clipped to his nostrils?

  5. Diogenes, why would we do that. Unlike the ‘Sen’, cow patties are useful. Can till ’em in for fertilizer. They work really well stoking a campfire, the dry ones do, that is. Knew a Snake Eater who swore they are better than chewing tobacco…I took his word on that.
    Schemer is what we call a Dude goat roper…bout as useful as teets on a boar!

  6. He is called a couple of things here in NY:

    Lens Lice – one reason being for his Sunday morning appearances with the local press, while most are sleeping or maybe at church.

    ‘UpChuck Shumer’ is another.

    He thinks his Ben Franklin or something with the glasses on his nose.

    As a NYer, I live in an effing political desert…Il Supremo Cuomo, Gillebrand, my now county execuitive…

    My ‘senior command’ works in an office in which a possible Rep candidate for NYAG was going to run. I told her to tell him ‘if you love your family don’t waste your time OR money’.

    Oh other thread but, NY AG HAG is temp until they vote for permanent AG HAG Latisha James…


  7. “Ain’t he precious.”
    Which is southern graciousness for “Your Momma didn’t have any children that lived, did she?”

  8. Even worse, doing so would place a dreadful pall over the much hallowed Texas field sporting event of the Cow Chip Toss (dried cow patties)…
    Dio, what were you thinking!! We can’t even say his name out loud without tacking a lot of ‘french’ onto it.
    My personal fav for honoring his Schemerness, is a good old-fashioned tar ‘n feather on a rail outta town. Though, a necktie party sounds pretty dang good, too.

  9. Why steal a Texas saying? Make it New York like “all assless chaps, no mechanical bull.”

  10. Small melons and a big ass!

    Oh, wate, no …… it was cat-shit on a cracker!
    naw that done sount rite, neether ….. all cone and no i-scream?
    All dick and no balls?

    dma – JIll, Jill! what was ist against?


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