All that for a flag


Marcus Lemonis, owner of Camping World and star of CNBC’s ‘The Profit’, must take down the 40′ x 80′ American flag he flies over his North Carolina business, Camping World. Lemonis refuses, and pays the daily fine. Now, Statesville is suing him to force him into compliance with the city ordinance regarding flag sizes within 100-feet of a highway.

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  1. Mr Lemonis needs to take the city council to court to show the “(un)constitutionality” of the “law”. Then sue to return the daily fees paid. Plus court costs. Plus interest (that Mr Lemonis would have received if he had been able to keep his own money). Drive that city council into the ground and bury it deep like an orange military tent peg.

  2. Why not just move it back beyond the 100ft? Or better yet move to another state that appreciates your jobs and taxes.

  3. Television station WSOC reports flags are not permitted to be larger than 25 feet by 40 feet if they are flown within 100 feet of a highway. Gander RV is located alongside Interstate 77.

    So Gander RV & Camping World just needs to erect two more flag poles next to this one & fly (3) 25′ x 40′ flags which would be a total of 75′ x 120′ & draw more attention to the dealership than a single flag would.

  4. WAIT A MINUTE–Lemonis is a HUGE, GIGANTIC Left-Wing NUTCASE. Yes, he’s a hellova marketing genius…so is Buffet, and Bezos, and Zuckerberg. They’re still Elite Commie lovers. God Only Knows what games he’s playing with this flag.

  5. meyou is correct–I just can’t remember why the conservative RV owners were boycotting Camping World.

  6. meyou,
    So? If both sides are Libtards, consider it a case of the Left eating their own.

  7. My folks lived in that shiitehole town for 5 years in the ’90’s. Somehow, it managed to turn into a BIGGER shiitehole than I remember. 😳


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