All The Media’s Hoaxes

Now that the Russian collusion narrative has collapsed and the origins of the hoax are being seriously investigated, the media is desperately seeking a replacement hoax to hang on the president. With democrat primaries approaching and a slate of candidates they’d rather we ignore, it’s critical that they find something quick to blame on the commander-in-chief.

John Nolte list the top crisis the left and the media have been trying to generate in recent days. More

4 Comments on All The Media’s Hoaxes

  1. With demoncrats its always same shit different day. Anybody that buys into their load is a dumbass……and you can quote me on that.
    If their gums are flappin’, they’re spewing lies.
    They suck sewer water through their ass.

  2. The MSM is simply full of shit! I know it. You know it. They know it!
    Except for the viewers of MSNBC and CNN who’s falling for this crap?
    I’m not, your not.

  3. Hey everybody! It’s a soap opera – pick one:
    As The Stomach Turns (with Adam Shiff)
    Gays of Our Lives (Buttigig version)
    The Young and the Breastless (with OAC)
    All My Chillen – Maxine Waters edition
    All My Chicken (featuring Steve Cohen)
    All My Chitlins (with Hank Johnson)
    Lieutenant Hospital (John Kerry’s three Vietnam “recoverys”)


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