All The News Thats Printed In A Fit

Yesterday the Old Gray Lady outed an actual working CIA agent, revealing that Michael D’Andrea is now the “new Iran Chief”- information that should have never been released. Their conscious is clear though, because they had already named D’Andrea as being with the CIA when they named him as being in charge of drones in 2015.


Gee ,Thanks NYT for putting a target squarely on the back of one of our people trying to protect this country from the Iranians.

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  1. The waste of Times scores another Treason. Find out how they came by this i information and nail whoever it was.
    Start an investigation of Senate and House members that are opposed to Pres.Trump.
    Prosecute the bastards!

  2. Flashback: anybody remember Senator Frank Church??? He exposed multiple agents thinking that America should be open and above board with nothing to hide.

  3. The Times has been doing this kind of thing for decades. This should be illegal. The source needs to be found and severely punished. Would they have published the plans for D-Day?

  4. Wish PDJT would just spend the coming week routing ALL&ANY Osh*the ad cronies from each department…getting rid of them as quickly as possible. It would help his agenda to move forward more speedily and allow him more time to COVFEFE!

  5. Is this the first use of the debbie washeduponshore-schultz defense strategy?
    “Its their fault- nobody stopped me.”

  6. Chase everybody out of the building with cricket bats (administering a few blows to hurry them along) and burn it down as an example to others

  7. Carlos Salim, the Mexican billionaire of Lebanese extraction, is the largest shareholder of the NYT. He’s glad to do the bidding of Barky’s shadow government.

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