All These Years Justice Thomas Was Deferring To Scalia During Oral Arguments

With Scalia absent from the bench, Justice Clarence Thomas has begun to ask questions during oral arguments, shocking the left, who believed for years that Thomas was an idiot.

And on the other hand, they feel that actual black morons like Hank Johnson, Maxine Waters and Corrine Brown (the list is way too long) are brilliant.

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  1. That is exactly right. Now we can sit back and watch Justuce Thomas show the haters exactly who he is, and who he is will infuriate them.

  2. I instinctively believe this is exactly what this brilliant man was all about.
    I am sure he is hurting but he is a champion that will move on and display the courage to assume the mantle he has earned.

    The left can’t even spell integrity.

    If a fraction of the black population would follow this man and learn from him, there wouldn’t be any talk of white privilege and stupid award shows.
    Let alone bullshit like black lives matter.

  3. Tomorrow March 1 is the 4th year anniversary of the passing of Andrew Breitbart. I still remember the shock and sadness of hearing that news. I miss that guy!!!

  4. My father wrote him a letter of praise of his intelligence and how he handled himself during the hearings after he was confirmed and still being bombarded with horrendous hate attacks. Judge Thomas wrote an lengthy eloquent reply thanking my dad for his support. He is Bad Ass.

    It was mostly hypocritical northern Democrat senators, those leaders/definers of diversity, racism, white guilt, who voted against him.

    Republicans for–Bond, Brown, Burns, Chafee, Coats, Cochran, Cohen, Craig, D’Amato, Danforth, Dole, Domenici, Durenberger, Garn, Gorton, Gramm, Grassley, Hatch, Hatfield, Helms, Kassebaum, Kasten, Lott, Lugar, Mack, McCain, McConnell, Murkowski, Nickles, Pressler, Roth, Rudman, Seymour, Simpson, Smith, Specter, Stevens, Symms, Thurmond, Wallop, Warner.

    Democrats for–Boren, Breaux, DeConcini, Dixon, Exon, Fowler, Hollings, Johnston, Nunn, Robb, Shelby.

    Republicans against–Jeffords, Packwood.

    Democrats against–Adams, Akaka, Baucus, Bentsen, Biden, Bingaman, Bradley, Bryan, Bumpers, Burdick, Byrd, Conrad, Cranston, Daschle, Dodd, Ford, Glenn, Gore, Graham, Harkin, Heflin, Inouye, Kennedy, Kerrey, Kerry, Kohl, Lautenberg, Leahy, Levin, Lieberman, Metzenbaum, Mikulski, Mitchell, Moynihan, Pell, Pryor, Reid, Riegle, Rockefeller, Sanford, Sarbanes, Sasser, Simon, Wellstone, Wirth, Wofford.

  5. While Thomas not asking spoken questions regularly may have been deference to Scalia, I think it is also quite possible that Scalia always asked the pertinent questions regarding the Constitution (the same questions Thomas would have asked). Thus, there was no real need for Thomas to interject or elaborate verbally (and as Uncle Al pointed out, his written opinions have generally been superb). Hopefully he will fill the void Scalia left.

  6. I’ve listened to and watched hours of Thomas being interviewed.

    He is no one’s idiot.

    Insightful, hugely knowledgeable about our laws and our founding document, and contemplative before offering his opinion.

    We are lucky to have this example of jurisprudence in the position he occupies.

    Why isn’t this man held up as an example in the black community?

  7. Lowell,
    Because Thomas escaped from the Leftist plantation and refuses to bow to a false statist god. Oh, and he can take care of himself, he doesn’t need Gooberment aid or assistance.

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