‘Allahu Akbar’ Migrant Knifeman Kills Two, Wounds Seven in France


A knife-wielding Sudanese migrant shouting “Allahu Akbar!” has stabbed two people to death and wounded “at least” seven others in France.

The suspected killer, said to be an asylum seeker in his thirties, was initially reported as having struck outside a bakery in Romans-sur-Isère, in the south-east of the country, by outlets including the MailOnline, citing local media.

However, a later BBC report — which did not mention the suspect’s nationality or alleged cry of “Allahu Akbar!” — said he attacked the shopkeeper and customers at a tobacconist before moving on to a nearby butcher’s shop. read more

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  1. I posted the link to a similar story (and mentioned this one) in the bullpen about a beautiful, little 7 year old girl that was killed in the UK a couple of weeks ago by a Somali moslem bitch. The little girl was just riding her scooter in a park and the bitch apparently cut her throat when she rode by her. Funny how I didn’t see anything about this story in the MSM all this time, and I actually look for such stories.

    So the jihadis are still killing innocents while the MSM faithfully keeps the focus on the maybe not so overwhelming China virus 24/7. I just happened across a link in the Breitbart comments section.


  2. In my post above, I neglected to mention that I had to search through a dozen or more articles to find out that the murder was committed by a moslem, somalian bitch. Most of them described her as a “random stranger”.

    Amd the press wonders why we don’t trust them.

  3. @Bubba’s Brother April 5, 2020 at 3:23 am

    > So the jihadis are still killing innocents

    No. They’re not. People that will pay, to have people that will solve, such problems, killed (and looted, of course — that goes with the contract), are not “innocent”. (Too early to replace “Allahu Akbar!” with “Death to patriots!”? Yes. Oh, bother.)

  4. @ anonymous – A 7 year old girl is the epitome of innocence. I’m not sure what you’re trying to convey here other than that you are a flaming, grade-A, pus-putrified asshole. If you think that killing a little girl of 7 years is some kind of stupid conspiracy theory, you are more mentally deranged and morally depraved than the satanic scumbag that committed the murder.

  5. @Bubba’s Brother April 5, 2020 at 4:56 am

    > A 7 year old girl is the epitome of innocence.

    Whether you support “it” (whatever “it” is), because you’re too stupid not to, or so evil to, you still choose to support. If you choose to OPPOSE what need be done, because you’re too stupid not to, or so evil to, you choose to support. Would a 7 year old support doing what need be done? Oppose what need be done? Does that child’s parent (who spends The Village’s money, in their own name, because they cash checks “for” the child) support, or actively oppose, what need be done? Do blithering idiots that wail “The Village’s Children!” support, or oppose, what need be done? Should ANYONE accept the sniveling of “innocent!” from those that SUPPORT the evil, of opposing what need be done? Because the snivelers are “innocent” of the evil they choose to do?

  6. ANONYMOUS April 5, 2020 at 6:17am
    Can you say that again? I could not make sense out of that shit the first time.

  7. So all those low IQ, pieces of shit have to do is fake mental illness to get away with killing people? Are the men all soy boys now and turning the other cheek to avoid confrontation? Give me one old school, soccer hooligan that would have chest kicked that woman to death. Damn UK, Churchill is rolling in his grave.

  8. Apparently, another Frenchman has become mentally distraught over the Christian Pandemic, and he has made a misguided plea for help from the authorities, who showed a great deal of respect and restraint in dealing with the poor man’s temporarily deranged mental state. In a few years, after proper care and treatment, this man will be able to rejoin French society as a productive member of the unemployed, but very colorful, cheese and distilled water crowd that make the cafes and bistros of this part of France so appealing.

  9. Eurabia, Europistan or whatever you want to call the EU is finished. Not even leaving the EU is a guarantee of peace from the Mohammedan horde as long as you have leaders willingly allowing “refugees” (LOL) to enter. If they won’t even try to make their own country better what makes you think they’ll enhance yours?

    The scourge will never assimilate. You, on the other hand will be assimilated.

  10. There was a biography on Vlad the Impaler on AHC Friday. Check it out the next time they show it. Now he’s somebody who GOT IT, and did what needed to be done.

  11. Somalias population average IQ is 68.
    The old mental level ratings called that range a “Moron”.
    The French let them in and what else did they expect
    from morons with a death cult religion that tells them
    to kill unbelievers?

  12. How many people has radical islamic terrorism killed vs “Chyna Flew” CBS 2017 claimed 84,000 people.

    How much total money does the world spend dealing with security, war and damage from said killings, year over year, century over century?

    At least it is not as bad as the 150 Million that Joe Biden says were killed by guns.

  13. Chukie @

    Men WOULD step up if it were not for the French government that will arrest him, and leave his family ALONE in that neighborhood where the rest of the tribe will prey upon that remaining family in ways that are unmentionable.

    England in not the only country with GROOMING GANGS & RAPE GANGS.

  14. Kcir – I realized I responded to the link in Bubba’s Brother’s post, hence all the UK referencing.

  15. Wow, I bet the French are running to their local gun stores and clearing the shelves. What’s that? Oh. Never mind.

  16. France will have to issue everyone a sword so they can defend themselves from the invading muslim hordes.

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