Alleged bomber Anthony Quinn Warner was reported to police for ‘making bombs in RV parked at his home’ in 2019 – IOTW Report

Alleged bomber Anthony Quinn Warner was reported to police for ‘making bombs in RV parked at his home’ in 2019

SUN: The man believed to be behind the Nashville explosion was previously reported to police for making bombs in his RV, The US Sun has learned.

Agents investigating suspected suicide bomber Anthony Quinn Warner received a call from an individual who raised the alarm back in August 2019. MORE


FBI Press Conference — ‘Anthony Quinn Warner is the only bomber, and he died in blast’.

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  1. Just a random weirdo. They’re all around us really. But they’ll find a confederate flag in his house or a copy of Atlas Shrugged and all the dots will get connected to where they need them to go and the narrative will be constructed.

  2. I told my wife when this happened, if the person they ultimately try and prosecute for this isn’t breathing, it’s deep state. White hat or black hat? Take your pick.

  3. So he gifted two properties to some Instagram ho-bag. Just goes to show you that at the core of most terrorist acts is un-requieted & massive horniness.

  4. Well color me shocked. No live suspect, no body, no incriminating details, no muss no fuss, nothing to see here, and they will never find a motive. Case closed. Waaay to convenient. Something stinks in Music City.

  5. “Anthony Quinn Warner is the only bomber, and he died in the blast”

    …Just like Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone shooter. What a coinkydink!


  6. One would think that if somebody reported to the enforcers that he was making bombs in that RV (or anywhere else for that matter), and if the cops found any evidence that that was true, they wouldn’t have just walked away from it. He’d have been charged with multiple crimes and very likely indicted and either tried or he plead out. Either way, there would be lots of records and documents, and we’ve seen none of that? Huh?

  7. stirrin

    Yep, this has already been debunked. And a missile would have left a crater. Where’s the crater. It was a gaseous bomb/blast. Designed for more show than destruction. It was also shaped. Towards AT&T.

  8. Brad, I beg to differ. I have seen the crater. If I can find the picture, I’ll post it. Now, I don’t know how deep or wide a crater would be for something like this, but there is clearly a charred blown out section of the street where the van was. But, I will try to confirm before standing firmly behind that statement.

  9. To those who look at the video of the RV at the left and the supposed source toward the right, I suggest that you are thinking of the bright flash as “the explosion”. It isn’t. Glowing gas and burning or hot material is part of the explosion but there’s more to it than that, especially non-glowing debris.

    Looking at the single frame where the flash appears, I see a cloud of non-glowing material come from the RV. If you look closely you will see the boundary of the cloud that looks to me like it is occluding any light coming from within it or behind it.

    All that is secondary to Brad’s point: where’s the crater, or even road surface damage, where the non-RV source is supposed to be?

  10. Brad, I just saw our posts and we/I am/are on a different track.

    I wasn’t talking about a crater from a missile strike. I was talking about a crater from a blast originating from the van. Let’s step back and reboot this thread. Or at least I will.

  11. Just how does a 40 foot street elevator piston blow out of the ground in one piece by an RV explosion? Wouldn’t it be going the other way if the blast was at street level?
    And why a recorded message coming from the RV if the guy was alive when it happened? Seems like they may have installed a dead guy in the RV first? Yeah move along, nothing to see here, by the way a no flying zone in area just in case of what? And the cops can’t see inside the building?

  12. If the camera shot of the RV was from a buildings security camera, where is the network video from earlier in the day of the RV parking??? Who drove the RV in? We need answers to draw summary conclusions. My 14 NVR’s cameras record 24-7, because I live next door to a bad NYS cop.

  13. Did the FBI go to the lady he deeded house to ,to see if this guy was hiding there? Was the recorded warning voice coming from the RV belong to this gal? I think she knows more and the FBI are bunch of idiots!

  14. It was the RV. The film shows the blast fireball on the right but where the RV was is obscured by black smoke and debris radiating directly from the explosion’s origin.
    The video likely comes from some low resolution security camera. If captured by a camera with more frames per second it would be clear to see.
    The “vapor trail” is likely some artifact from the video, the angle of the vapor trail would indicate it couldn’t have struck the street without first hitting a surrounding building.

  15. Didn’t know DNA would come back with definite results within hours so they KNOW they got their guy. Feds and locals always say, “It’s not like you see on TV. It takes a couple months for DNA results”. Me thinks something stinks to the high heavens…

  16. People are speculating and weaving conspiracy theories based on the scant film evidence available so far.
    Missiles? come on!
    After blast shots show heavy damage all around including a few cars that were parked close, but where is the RV? We don’t see any scraps of it because it was disintegrated!

  17. Has anybody explored further the connection between the servers, seized for forensic analysis by Trump campaign, and the power outage resulting in said servers being rendered unusable? And teh connection between dominion players, At&t and it’s role in the forensic audit?
    A brother sent me some info he got from FB…yeah, reliable, right? But it’s curious when it’s all looked at together.


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