Allen West involved in motorcycle accident

Join me in prayers for  @AllenWest  He was involved in a motorcycle accident after the Freedom Rally outside of WACO.

Prayers for my buddy former Congressman Allen West. A great military hero & patriot. I just heard he was involved in motorcycle accident near Waco, Texas and now in ER at hospital. A great American. Prayers & best wishes on swift & full recovery.

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  1. But I don’t get motorcycle riding… it’s you and the road beneath you and everyone else in the road. If one of my three children has become a motorcycle rider, I would pray more than I do already.
    It’s not so much against motorcycle riders, it’s more that I see what goes on the road with SUVs less than 15 feet behind these cycles travelling at 70 mph.

  2. Harry A – I will say one thing about riding a bike, after many years of riding I can attest to the fact that it makes you a better driver from the standpoint that you are keenly aware of what is going at all times with the bike, the road and your surroundings and you ride like your invisible. That carries over to driving a car as well. I don’t know how many accidents I’ve avoided because of this.
    Prayers to Col. West and his family.

  3. …every TRUE biker I ever picked up in the Little Red Truck would,regardless of his OWN injuries, first ask if his bike was OK. Harley riders would have preferred I left them and ambulaced the BIKE off.

    When they were sentient, that is. They had a tendency to lead head-first, not wear helmets, and get secondary hits AFTER being flung from the bike, things that were not condusive to being able to hold conversations or sustain life without a ventilator very long.

    It was sad too because in most cases, it was NOT the bikers fault. Most times, someone in a car…just didn’t see ’em.

    …I’m not a biker myself, but I still call an electrician that’s in an MC my brother because he saved my life and I got him through the death of an infant grandson, none of which involved motorcycles, but makes the point that just because someone wears leathers and rides with freinds doesn’t make them evil or subhuman somehow. I haven’t rode a motorcycle myself since laying a dirt bike down on my knee on pavement as a kid, but I get along with them just fine.

    A biker motorcade for a deceased infant is something to be in. We were in a car surrounded by bikes, but they did it just as well as a trained, dedicated escort could, and I know about that too from a formal fire department motorcade I was also in as well as *multiple* fallen veterans processions including to Arlington in DC, but those are different stories for another day.

    …of course, my entire agency once spent a night picking up a single biker that was scattered for a quarter-mile across 3 lanes of super slam, so I can tell you the Colonial was lucky to be mostly intact. Still, infection from severe skin trauma, broken bones, embedded gravel, ruptured organs, punctured lungs, and closed and open head injuries are very, very likely for him, and he and his family need prayed through it all, especially in these evil times where Democrats separate us from our nearest and dearest at the hospital door over their hatred for ONE man, making a time of fear even WORSE as we cannot even lay hands on our precious ones to pray, but instead are forced to trust the untrustworthy to save them completely out of our sight.

    Dear Lord, touch him as his Ultimate Physician. Walk arround his bedside, numb his wounds, protect him from those there that may actively try to do him harm, and guide the hands of those who would help heal him. Also comfort those that love him, and deal harshly with those who would keep all from reaching You in prayer for him and for all those who need it.

    In Jesus’ name, Amen

    God Bless,

  4. Prayers for LTC West–the latest update was 27 minutes ago that he is in stable condition. A car cut him off and caused him to run into another motorcycle.

  5. Ann Nonymous Prime
    MAY 23, 2020 AT 9:08 PM

    …thanks for asking, couple of extra holes, a thigh to ankle wrap, and a WHOLE lot of boredom for the last couple of days. Prayers and the Lord saw me through surgery (the doc says my legs are 10 years younger than the rest of me because I’m on them so much, so that helped), but it was weird waking up with only a nurse nearby and no family since the wife was banished to the parking lot because of Democrats.

    They told her over the phone that I tried to get up and go to work when I started to wake up, but I don’t remember it, but I kinda wish I could NOW. I’m not great at doing nothing when there’s so much to do.

    The waiting room was even stupid, because it was a dedicated surgical hospital without an ER or walk-ins and EVERY SINGLE PERSON THERE, patients and staff, had to have a negative Corona test to get IN…but they STILL made EVERONE wear masks. The doctors seemed to think it was funny, my anesthesiologist even shook my hand, but I very much appreciated his breach in Corona etiquette because THE WHOLE THING IS SO STUPID.

    …and, it could have been over with MONTHS ago had not DemoDeWhine and his baby-murdering witch not cancelled my PREVIOUS surgical date for NO REASON AT ALL because my county didn’t have a SINGLE Corona case the day it was SUPPOSED to happen, but whatever, here I am now, bored, but hoping the inevitable war we’re gonna have with them holds off until I get my mobility back.

    But for now, all I can do is fill iOTWs server with my grumbles, so I’m guessing our hosts want me to get better too, so I go do sonething useful and not fill their bandwith with my irascibility (more than usual, that is).

    …appreciate your concern and your prayers, though, so thanks for that. Small mercies are sometimes the best.

    God Bless,

  6. He is an incredible person.

    I hope he recovers 110%.

    Then comes back and kicks Biden’s ass for the things that he has been peddling to the black community.

  7. The Creator is able to preserve us through these medical problems, not because of how great we are. but because the Father is merciful and far greater than we will ever be.

  8. @Harry A, I do everything in my power to keep motorists off my ass-end. Watch blind spots constantly. The WHOLE road is fair game for a motorcycle and a lot of them get into accidents because they don’t realize that. Group riding is the best riding. Nothing stops a goof from plowing in when stopped. The cyclist with foot power in motorist lanes are the true risk takers and ultimate goofs when they think road sharing is paramount. Multiple friends and even my father run over by cars I still ride. If you risk nothing you’re not living. It’ll just be a convid-1984 fatality in the end.

  9. Cars making left turns and motorcycles do not end well.
    I learned this lesson in 1972 and I haven’t ridden on motorways since. Fortunately mine was a low speed incident as I knew of the dangers in Tahoma on Lake Tahoe and the market adjacent to the entrance to the marina.

    I am not a fan of motorcycles on asphalt.

    That being said, I am a Huge Allen West fan. The man is rock solid and I cherish my photo of with him at CPAC 2010.

    Get well Allen.

    And ditch the widow maker.

  10. PHenry
    MAY 23, 2020 AT 10:12 PM

    “…Get well Allen.

    And ditch the widow maker.”

    …my mother hates them, calls them “Donorcycles”. Apparenty some beau of hers (presumably before my father) had his head flattened on one and was parted out shortly afterwards.

    I thought she was gonna sell ME for parts when I brought home the dirt bike. She was remarkably unsympathetic when I did ultimately lay the thing down, kind of an “I told you so” thing, I suppose…but to their credit, maybe I wouldn’t have existed if that guy had lived, although it’s up to you to decide if that was a good thing or not…

    I still have a Basic Trauma Life Support book from back in the day that had a rather negative view about motorcycles. The phrase they used over and over again was “High Speed Pedestrians”, as in “When evaluating injuries on a motorcyclist, you should consider all the possibilities of a car vs. Pedestrian accident plus those of an ejected driver in a high speed accident, as a motorcyclist is essentially a high speed pedestrian and will recieve the worst injuries of both”, or, more succinctly, “Closed head trauma alone accounts for makedly higher brain injury or death with motorcyclist consistent with high speed pedestrian accidents”.

    They were real Debbie Downers on the subject.

    …but the first time I saw a guy’s nut sack left behind on his handlebars when he went up and over, I kind of had to admit that maybe they had a point…

  11. No SNS.

    I guess in some cases there is intentional malevolence towards bikers, but it’s mostly that bikers are nearly invisible to people driving and looking for vehicles that are 7 feet wide or larger.

    Vehicles that are two feet wide are lucky to get seen.
    That’s what the woman that hit me said and she was all apologetic.

    She never saw me.

    That’s the problem with mixing motorcycles and cars and trucks and commercial vehicles on the same asphalt.

    Small profiles can go unnoticed.

  12. PHenry
    MAY 23, 2020 AT 10:38 PM

    …not disagreeing with you at all, PH, I do mention above that is what most come from, but just saying some actual malace can be in play, too.

    That said, the guy strewn all over the highway I mention above was riding alone, but they found some of his buddies later who said he was kind of tanked,his bike had generator problems, and he was trying to get home as night fell on the highway. A bike is hard enough to see, but a bike with weak lights at night us essentially invisible.

    Or so the trucker that hit him in the left lane later said.

    It’s debatable as to whether the initial impact killed him, or if it just knocked him into the middle of the highway. What isn’t debatable, however, was that the five or so cars that subsequently ran him over, definitely did.

    It is not an exaggeration that he was strewn for a quarter mile. He was dragged, shredded, torn to pieces, probably not recognizably human to the last few, but we had to shut the highway down and chase down all the parts we could in the darkness approaching dawn. For hours, it was “Look, here’s a boot! There’s still some foot in it!”, mostly by flashlight, with each found part documened and it’s erstwhile highway location given a corona of paint for the investigators. The highway looked like it had measles the next day.

    We had to buck this squishy mess of whiffy former humanity in several convenient bags to the morgue, only to have Igor look in the bags and say “We can’t take him, he’s not dead”. We kind of had reasons to disagree what with the Cream of Shredded Feet we were obviously transporting, but he said a doc had to declare him dead for the morgue to accept him, and they wouldn’t have any for hours. So, we bucked our bags back to General, where an amused and probably punchdrunk from too many hours on call resident reviewed our bygone biker and certified him to be henceforth and forever an ex living person, and we were able to drop our overnight charge off at the local cold storage.

    Where someone with the second-worst job I ever heard of apparently spent his dawning hours jengaing this fleshy jigsaw puzzle back together, only to call the House and tell us we didn’t have him all. So, back to the lightening killing fields we went, but we also got a boost from folks hearing about it on the news, realizing they had been there in that time frame, and thinking maybe that”aninmal” they thought they hit weren’t no animal. This enabled us to retrieve additional chunks to add to the downtown pile, which, when added to the fresh field finds, was evidently enough to satisfy Peter Lorre down at the MG, and ex-Kurt could be properly boxed and interred at last.

    So yeah, I know where you’re coming from, 100%, not saying malace is even USUALLY a factor. Just saying it CAN be.

    …which is why I always laugh inappropriately at Mad Max movies where a few bikers kick and punch at a remarkably straight driving and very consistently speeding car to intimidate the driver, like that would work in real life…

    …glad they didn’t get you, though, and that you recognize you were blessed that they DIDN’T. Many a biker who meets a bumper doesn’t live to tell about it, in MY experience, so count your blessings as you indeed received an indulgence THAT day…

  13. “She never saw me.”

    That’s why you have to see them before they don’t see you.

    Yea, I’ll probably end up dead under a 4 to 18 wheeler.

    So do approx 3000 cagers do too, daily.

    Your brain fills in what you don’t see. What you don’t see is what you mostly see, per your brain filling it in. Ignorant riders, most of them, try to own the lane. The good ones dodge it. The good ones die too, but without a kid in the car seat.

  14. ecp
    MAY 23, 2020 AT 10:06 PM
    “@Harry A, I do everything in my power to keep motorists off my ass-end.”

    ..someone once told me pennies and small washers work wonders of this, but that you have to be a little discreet about it…

  15. I worked for a motorcycle distributor in the midwest in the 70’s. I was young and had never considered motorcycles one way or another. Loved the people I worked with, many of whom owned and rode regularly (we could purchase below dealer cost). I finally broke down and bought a dirt bike.

    The men I worked with all warned me to never, never go on the road until everything I did was automatic. I was never that good, and the bike was gone within a year. It was fun, but then I would have needed to purchase a truck to take the bike where I felt competent enough to ride.

    I knew more people who died when I worked there than I have in my entire life until now, as old age hits.

    They were a blast, but….

    P.S. My children were faced with the wrath of Mom if they ever even talked about riding with a friend. I do believe they took to heart some of my stories.

  16. Travel back and forth through Wacko many times a year, gotta couple of young ones in San Antonio.

    Anyhoo with the constant Jersey barriers and the way traffic is on I 35 it’s a wonder he was not killed. Had more than one close call myself and I drive a big ole pickem up truck.

  17. Want to be magically invisible?

    Ride a motorcycle!
    (yes, a prayer for Col. West)

    izlamo delenda est …

  18. West is a great man. Free to make his choices so , as a past motor cycle enthusiast, I would do it again…however, a Texas Mc newsletter I subscribed to was 50 percent devoted to road death or maim accidents. Almost every weekend a road trip suggestion was followed in the next months publication with memorial lists of those who did not survive the adventure. My close friend went on to become a national mc racer and when too old joined the side car circuit as ballast. He owned over 200 mc when I visited him last and I asked him how he survived uncrippled much less alive. His answer stunned me….in all of those decades of racing, he never took his mc on the open road to be killed by an unknown obstacle or annoyed driver..

  19. I love when EMT’s tease me about my “donor-cycle”. Especially the female ones that always seem to be 5′ tall and 300 pounds. Anyway, hope LTC West is already on the mend. If you ride, watch out for the idiots in their cages oblivious to their surroundings.

  20. Prayers for speedy recovery. I grew up around motorcycles, but bike riders were smarter back then. Today I see far too many with a death wish, riding on bumpers, weaving in and out of traffic, passing on the right. Then the fact there are way more cars on the road today I wouldn’t ride one on the roads.


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