Alternative History Asks, “What if Trump Hadn’t Been Elected?”

A YouTube Channel dedicated to what could have been asks today (of all days) how the present would be different had Donald Trump not won the presidency in 2016.

Strap yourself in and prepare for a wild ride. Watch

16 Comments on Alternative History Asks, “What if Trump Hadn’t Been Elected?”

  1. if Trump hadn’t been elected we wouldn’t need a coronavirus to stop the economy … it would’ve been stopped in Year 1 of a Hildabeast Regime … we’d also be at war w/ every China & Ruskie proxy on the globe … we’d already be Venezuela, instead of trying to become it

    … & the Chinese Virus would be as yawn-inducing as Swine Flu was back in 2009

    (I say this w/out watching the vid … most everyone here could predict the same thing)

  2. I can tell you in five words, We would have been fucked. Pure and simple the country would’ve been destroyed by now by hellary and her minions. And we might be in the midst of a new Civil War or new American Revolution with the forces of evil and tyranny. Alternative histories are the stuff of bad dystopic sci fi novels.

  3. “What if Trump Hadn’t Been Elected?”

    Everything we know today would simply be “conspiracy theory”
    As far as Jeb goes, everything would have been reduced to Jeberish!

  4. We would not know how deep the deep state really is,
    and most importantly we would not see what a real President is like to see in action. It has been a long time.
    We have been blessed by all of our votes for him.

  5. Geez what’s with all the batshit-crazy stuff lately? Still disturbed after watching the ‘Tiger King’ and realizing that much of humanity is clinically insane-oh yeah, Carol DEFINITELY off’d Jack Don (is that a red-neck name OR WUT?) and saved a few bucks on the big cats kibble-

  6. Wish I would have been like the first two commenters and not wasted my time watching any of that ridiculousness. I’m getting to old to waste my remaining time on such foolishness.

  7. If Trump hadn’t been elected…..

    We would already be PHUCKED.

    AND…..hopefully, we would already be administering our 2nd Amendment right.

  8. nah, wasnt impressed.

    btw, hows Timbuktu doing? SNS said he had the virus??? Any updates?

  9. Now they we’ve stopped the economy, run up the debt beyond imagining, and depleted everyone’s reserves, what resources will we have in case of another crisis?

    We hope the economy comes “roaring back”, but what if it does not? What if they keep us under house arrest for months instead of weeks?

  10. if Trump hadn’t been elected we would be the ones eating bats, cats and dogs, while listening to madam moa cankles bloviate about how great she is!

  11. 5 consecutive “New World Order” Presidents! Americans would be surfs or slaves. God smiled on America by changing course from liberals Presidents! I am thankful Bush’s girl lost.

    Never forget THE ENTIRE ROVE/BUSh SYNDICATE 10/16 SAID VOTE CLINTON! If you did not understand why the 4 prior Presidents were so liberal Oct ’16 should have made the reason clear! The only diff between GWB and his disciple BHO is skin color. Both are NWO liberals; and have been all along. Dislosure – I never voted for the prog GWB; I did not against JFK in ’04; there is a big diff!


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