Alternative Math: A Lesson In Projection

The creators of this short film is a parody of today’s politicized classroom making an alternative belief about what “2 + 2” equals, worthy of ridicule.   Watch

There are hints in this short film that all the insanity about forcing alternative beliefs on others comes from the right. They suggest that its an intact heterosexual family that accuses those they disagree with as being “Nazis” and demanding conformity at the risk of employment. There are plenty of commenters who believe the story acted out in the short has actually happened.

I thought of challenging their statement when I remembered Peter Vlaming, except it wasn’t math that got him fired, it was gender identity.

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  1. We have to purge our society of the influence of insane and moronic shit humanity before they destroy all chance for a better future. We need to do it by any means necessary. We owe it to future generations not to allow the entire planet to turn into some turd world shithole.

  2. Common Core was fathered by an extreme radical Leftist, pro-Marxist, anti-capitalist, anti-establishment, America-Hating, bomb-throwing, self-professed Communist by the name of Bill Ayers and designed as an insidious time-bomb to go after our children with a program of propaganda and disinformation disguised as “The new method of thinking” by radical Leftists knowing full well the long-term effects of their pretzel-logic will cripple the thinking capabilities of the next generation! The real intent is to deliberately corrupt, confuse and cripple a child´s brain so that they cannot possibly excel in the modern world.Good luck getting a competent, straight thinking engineer to develop out of a 2 + Orange = Thursday mentality… and that is exactly the objective. Chaos, Anarchy and a Venezuelan Dystopia will be the eventual result. When the country is destroyed from within anyone can walk in and take over.

  3. But “2” + “2” does = “22” to many programmers. And she should have said at the end when getting her compensation, “2000” + “2000” = “20002000” ($20,002,000).

  4. Fuck Bill Ayres, this SOB deserves to still be in federal prison rotting away forever. And the beginning of this video looks like it could’ve been an episode of The Twilight Zone. We have definitely landed in Bizarro world, next stop total confusion and insanity where there is no truth.


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