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Amazon deletes Megyn Kelly’s negative book reviews

Kelly’s publisher, Harper Collins told the L.A. Times that the onslaught of negative reviews had “the hallmarks of an orchestrated effort to discredit the book and our author Megyn Kelly,” adding that “We have brought it to the attention of Amazon.”

-USA TODAY: Amazon appeared to remove several politically motivated negative reviews of Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly’s memoir Settle for More after a flood of one-star ratings drew media attention.

As of early Wednesday, 17% of the reviewers on Amazon gave the book one star. At one point, as many as 76% of the reviews were one-star, Slate reported.

The Los Angeles Times  reported that many of the reviews were linked to a pro-Trump Reddit forum called “The_Donald.”

Some commenters picked up on the removal of the negative reviews. “Tim from MD.,” for example, wrote a post titled “Over 120 1 star reviews have been deleted. Are we living in a free country anymore?”

“Trump is president, but she wrote the book certain Clinton would win,” Tim from MD. wrote. “Now the book and her shows advertisers are getting boycotted. So apparently her attorneys have called to get negative reviews deleted. And they succeeded. I’m shocked.”  more

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  1. Never liked her. Don’t watch her. Won’t read her work. She’s like Glenn Beck with ovaries. So now there’s two of them.

  2. I love her commercial for the book where she says something along the lines of: “I didn’t want to give my story to the papers, I wanted to bring it directly to you…” Well, sure you jackass – so you could make money off the royalties! How stupid does she think the public is?

  3. And they are afraid of a Trump centrist, totalitarian government as they live in their own centrist, totalitarian world?

  4. “Orchestrated”? Nah. That’s a proggy
    game play. There are just a whole bunch of people who can’t stand
    the nasty little witch.

  5. I reviewed her book, five stars, wrote something like this: A woman who cloaked herself in hubris, wears revealing clothing and publishes countless physically revealing photos of herself, enjoys international attention, is a whiner, writes as if she were a martyr. I gave her book five stars hoping she would notice this advice: study the lives of true martyrs and be thankful for your one and only life.

  6. F U Megyn, I’ll just download, review and return your shitty book, you can’t delete proof of purchase reviews, it’s against site regulations. (/hint hint @ other people who really ought to review her piss poor book and not give the bitch a penny.)

  7. So if they take out the negative reviews;

    1-Megan has zero reviews?
    2-That make me very skeptical of all reviews on Amazon. To me, that means that every product is skewed by the ‘editing’ of Amazon. Therefore, I will think hard before buying through Amazon, because as the buyer I USED TO USE the reviews as a guideline to the vialility and reliability of the product sold!

    All reviews are tainted by unethical ‘editing’. So long Amazon.

  8. She is such a pretentious social climbing twit. Check out what she named her kids. Bet she has them wearing ascots and smoking jackets.

  9. @Sam “That make me very skeptical of all reviews on Amazon. To me, that means that every product is skewed by the ‘editing’ of Amazon.”

    Yup. F’em. Need to tell them too.

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