NJ: Amazon Warehouse Robot Hospitalizes 24 Workers in Bear Repellent Mishap

Breitbart: 24 Amazon warehouse workers were hospitalized this week after a robot mishap released bear spray in their work area, according to a report.

The incident, which took place at an Amazon warehouse in New Jersey, hospitalized 24 employees — one of which is reportedly in “critical condition.”

ABC News reported that the damaged aerosol was a “9-ounce bear repellent can.”

In a statement, Amazon declared, “Today at our Robbinsville fulfillment center, a damaged aerosol can dispensed strong fumes in a contained area of the facility. The safety of our employees is our top priority, and as such, all employees in that area have been relocated to a safe place and employees experiencing symptoms are being treated onsite. As a precaution, some employees have been transported to local hospitals for evaluation and treatment.”  more here

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  1. NJ: Amazon Warehouse Robot Hospitalizes 24 Workers in Bear Repellent Mishap

    Makes sense living in NJ and working for Amazon is “UNBEARABLE” already

  2. I’m guessing at least one employee sees this as a medical retirement with benefits.

    I got worse getting qualified to subject soldiers to the effects of CS and CNS gases. Which at times during the late ’70’s, weren’t exactly well controlled. Really messed me up on a few occasions, but never got hospitalized for it.

    I call snowflake.

  3. I just watched a South Park episode that touched on something like this. I had never ever seen South Park until a couple of weeks ago when the boy turned it on. I don’t watch much tv at all.

  4. @BFH – My favorite techie web site, The Register, has a regular tagged topic I think we/you should rip off borrow from them: RoTM – Rise of The Machines. I have a sense that we’ll be seeing this kind of event every more frequently as time goes on.

  5. Just finished watching “Terminator Salvation”

    There are no coincidences…I’m going outside and shooting

    My Riding Mower…

  6. @Jellybean:

    So the real question is; does the ‘bear repellant’ actually work??

    However well may work, it doesn’t work as well as a Buffalo Bore .44 Magnum 340-grain hard cast bullet.

  7. joe6pak DECEMBER 6, 2018 AT 9:26 PM
    I don’t trust any mechanical device that’s smarter than me, especially if it talks.

    Just wait til they show double breasted with a working hoo-haw

  8. I carried bear repellent when I used to hike sections of the Appalachian trail. Fortunately I never had to use it, I’d never of had the time since it was buried at the bottom of my backpack. Pretty dumb, I know.

  9. Charlie, Believe me when I tell you Boston Dynamics is ‎Cyberdyne Systems. LOL. When you get a chance go to their web site and check out some of their videos. Freaks me out man.

  10. Odd that it became self-aware and caused a mishap when it was delivering a noxious repellent — Why didn’t it become self-aware when it was delivering perfume or bourbon ??


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