Ambassador Yovanovitch Regularly Violated Geneva Convention In Ukraine

John Solomon

The first time I ever heard the name of U.S. ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch was in early March of this year. It did not come from a Ukrainian or an ally of President Trump. It came from a career diplomat I was interviewing on background on a different story.

The diplomat, as I recall, suggested that Yovanovitch had just caused a commotion in Ukraine a few weeks before that country’s presidential election by calling for the firing of one of the prosecutors aligned with the incumbent president.

The diplomat related that a more senior State official, David Hale, was about to travel to Ukraine and was prepping to be confronted about Yovanovitch’s comments. I remember the diplomat joking something to the effect of, “we always say that the Geneva Convention is optional for our Kiev staff.” More

12 Comments on Ambassador Yovanovitch Regularly Violated Geneva Convention In Ukraine

  1. oh, what a tangled web we weave …

    otoh, it’s hilarious all this is now brought up because of the Shampeachment … D’rats shooting themselves in the foot

  2. That state dept needs to be flushed. Trump fired all those top floor glad handers. Now after this he needs to clean out at least 75% of the remainers.

  3. If Trump don’t get a grip on this soon.
    Well we are done.When are some arrests
    going to frickin’ be made ???? All I
    hear is it is coming,on the verge,impending,YadaYada…
    Like my sister-in-law threatened spankings to
    my nephews 100 times an hour.Never saw a spanking
    and the brats did what the hell they wanted.

  4. This is the deep state.
    The endless ranks of the unelected.
    They know better, because they’re smarter than anybody. Especially any dumb-ass billionaire businessman who fires useless twits and bootlickers
    These ‘diplomats’ are dying to have an action movie done about them
    President Trump is a threat to their reign as the anointed class.
    They need to be grubbed out, root and branch

  5. Yovanovitch’s name reminds me of Ivan Awfulitch from Woody Woodpecker or some eastern European guy who’s name is Imasonavitch. Or Click and Clack’s, the Tappet Brothers on Car Talk Russian chauffer Pickup Andropov.

  6. I’m thinking they need to call an “all hands on deck” compulsory meeting. And then blow the building to smithereens.

  7. Only republicans will be imprisoned, ruined etc…and then we will endure 8 months of propaganda as a teachable moment and the lesson will be learned.

  8. FEAR IS A SIGN THAT TERRORISM or criminals are WINNING. Realistically, who would dare speak against PLO in palestino, BLM or antifa in a blue city, the rulers in Venezuala or South Africa, the cartels near Mexico? Not many, and those would tend to be anonymous internet postings.

    When there’s something evil going on, there’s a characteristic pattern that emerges in the MSM news: There is little news from that area, and what does come out is unclear. Syria and Ukraine were very puzzling during the Obama years – Libya and Egypt were cases where where what was happening was actually clear – to the great embarrassment of our (D)irtbag (D)eep state.

    This may be partially because of journalists not wanting to die (which is a sign that terrorists or criminals are in control – in Ukraine’s case $oros and Obama supported scum, there for loot and to make another Libya – a base for scum to attack civilization).


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