‘America First Rallies’ Canceled, Replaced with Online ‘Day of ACTion’ over Threat of Violence

Breitbart: ACT for America is canceling its America First Rallies, previously scheduled for Saturday, September 9, “out of an abundance of caution” due “to the recent violence in America and in Europe.” The national security organization will instead replace the 67 rallies organized across 36 states with an online “Day of ACTion.”

In a press release, exclusively given to Breitbart News, event organizers say the reason for making the difficult decision “is to contribute to the de-escalation of rising tension and violence in America while pursuing the organization’s goal of a safe and secure America.”

ACT for America is deeply saddened that in today’s divisive climate, citizens cannot peacefully express their opinion without risk of physical harm from terror groups domestic and international.

In recent weeks, extremist and radical organizations in the United States and abroad have overrun peaceful events in order to advance their own agendas, and in many cases, violence has been the result. Given the security issues of organizing public events, the responsible decision is to deny this opportunity to Neo-Nazis, Antifa, the KKK, and ISIS inspired individuals and groups. ACT for America’s membership is patriotic citizens whose only goal is to celebrate America’s values and peacefully express their views regarding national security.

The original goal of the rallies was to show support for “common sense ‘America First’ security policies proposed by President Trump” — policies that “prioritize real protection over political correctness, and celebrate American exceptionalism.”  more

17 Comments on ‘America First Rallies’ Canceled, Replaced with Online ‘Day of ACTion’ over Threat of Violence

  1. Shut down an expression of free speach because of the threat of violence? they win. How about starting to arrest and prosecute these thugs. That might help.

  2. Seems that it shouldn’t be too hard to find locations where local sheriffs are willing to provide security, and will handle the rent-a-thugs. This needs to happen.

  3. Once again, the threat of violence causes responsible action on our side. For once, I would like to hear, “Oh-F*#K NO! Were not cancelling our event and if agitators show up, we will take issues into our own hands!”

  4. My mayor wouldn’t give them a permit here in Syracuse. She claims the police were stretched thin because there was an SU home game that same day. Now, other things go on the same weekend as SU games all the time. So I smell a rat.

  5. Any group that is not affiliated with government and uses the detestable phrase “out of an abundance of caution”,instead of “to be safe”, is lost in Stockholm Syndrome and thus useless. When you adopt the language of your oppressors, you have lost before you’ve started.

  6. The lefties have been complaining, as it were, that all of these rallies are in lefty areas. Of course they are claiming that us ‘Nazis’ are doing that intentionally. But it is valid to consider that the police in these areas are not particularly motivated, as perhaps a force in Dallas would be.

  7. If they held these rallies in towns run for decades by responsible republicans with republican governors there wouldn’t be such a threat of violence.

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