America, Meet Neil Gorsuch

Opening statement at confirmation hearings –

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  1. I bet he maintains a garden. Actively. I bet he drinks Lattes at 225 degrees. I’ll bet he drives an electric car. I’ll bet he does that sweaty yoga. I’ll bet he has really soft hands. I’ll bet he wears shirts that are Salmon. (Pink by any other description)

  2. When he pulls the ol’ John Roberts (David Souter or Anthony Kennedy) how many of the frikkin’ loud mouth allegedly conservative pundits that continually spewed the “Elect Trump cuz the Supreme Court” BS will come forward and admit they had no clue what the Hell they were talking about? Hmmm.
    Build a wall
    Repeal and replace
    Drain the swamp
    Conservative Justice

  3. “Coral shirts make my nipples bleed…”

    Yea, that’s because you didn’t read the manufacturers warning label. 32 hours of toughening up your nipples with 220 grit sand paper.

  4. Watching the kindergarten level, self-serving senators makes me repeatedly bang my head against the wall.

    I am firmly of the belief that if their is off planet life, we have no fear of space invasion! Just think, these congressional hearings’ are televised! Who wants to INVADE a mental institution? The level of ignorance of these representatives, (our leaders and supposed best and brightest) makes me extremely ashamed.

    North Korea isn’t the only country whose leadership has missed the mental dustbin.

  5. Abigail, I just finished watching episode 2 of season 2 of
    ‘Fear The Walking Dead.’
    The 10 million dollar yacht the protagonists are on is named ABIGAIL. 🙂

    Anyway, the lesson of The Walking Dead is “trust nobody.”
    I think that is the reason behind these Gorsuch comments.
    We are far beyond jaded.

  6. He had a pet goat, I’m just so frigging SOLD.

    I wonder if he ate it?

    He was taking lessens from Mr. Rogers, that’s
    a fact.

    He better be right of me also.

  7. I especially liked his comments at the end about the tombstone quote. Pretty good, I to would like to “that man”. {and I also didn’t like the hug/kiss, reminded me of Kerry-Heinz}.

  8. He is sparing with Dianne Feinstein as I write this. She is clearly out-gunned. She wants to convince him to say that Heller decision was wrong, but he didn’t bite. Gun-grabbing liberal bitch.

    I hope the best from Gorsuch, his background is solid, but my optimism is guarded, having been burned so many times in the past.

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