America Wasn’t Born Clutching Its Pearls

Uh-oh! It looks like our social betters are embarrassed again.


… I always take it as a good sign when our social betters are embarrassed by America.

Because that means America is back.  [Read more  at Patriot Retort]

19 Comments on America Wasn’t Born Clutching Its Pearls

  1. OH REALLY ???
    Is that why people risk
    their frickin’ entire fortune
    & frickin’ life to get here ???
    Yea cause it stinks….

  2. Joyce Carol Oates, like all her ilk:

    Pretends to be superior to the country that allowed her mediocrity to become rich and undeservedly famous.

    Secretly knows her preening posturing pretensions are laughed at behind her back as soon as she ventures beyond the Upper East Side.

  3. We need a daily column where MJA just cuts loose.

    “Fucking A with MJA” I’m thinking it could be syndicated,

  4. I didn’t even know that because I thought the old hag was dead. I assumed that she had assumed room temperature a long time ago since she was totally irrelevant. Maybe if I were a leftie I would’ve known she was still alive. As an atheist she may be physically alive but she’s dead in every other sense.

  5. I don’t acknowledge any ‘social betters’, who is this woman?

    Americans who bad-mouth the USA while out of the country should have to worry about having their Passports revoked. That might make them think about what they have to say.

  6. Hey lady, whoever you are, you have options, you can immigrate elsewhere. You’ll be happier and the national IO will take a tic up as well. Bye bye.

  7. I had to read some of her crap when I was a college student. I found it painfully overwrought and boring… just the sort of stuff fake intellectuals drool over.

  8. Oates’s spouse Raymond Smith died of complications from pneumonia on February 18, 2008, and the death impacted Oates profoundly.[31] In April 2008, Oates wrote to an interviewer, “Since my husband’s unexpected death, I really have very little energy […] My marriage—my love for my husband—seems to have come first in my life, rather than my writing. Set beside his death, the future of my writing scarcely interests me at the moment.”[67][68] After six months of near suicidal grieving for Raymond Smith,[citation needed] Oates met Charles Gross, a professor in the Psychology Department and Neuroscience Institute at Princeton, at a dinner party at her home. In early 2009, Oates and Gross were married.

    Really bitch? Went from suicidal grieving over the death of her first husband to remarry #2 in less than a year? Pretty sure she’ll move this latest crisis in no time.

  9. Over 30 years ago I read one of her books. It was pure crap. It made no sense at all. Who decided she was a writer?

  10. Who started this “I Got The Vapors” thing anyway? It’s wrong. Someone who is fainting WANTS their vapors (ie. ammonia) to snap them out of fainting.

    It’s like old people saying, “He’s got the AIDS.”


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