America, What Are You Doing to Your Women?

I don’t think it’s cool to use vulnerable people to sell stuff.

‘I follow up on my comment to Gilette’s toxic masculinity ad with a reaction to the so-called “first shave” commercial. Transgender people should not be used by a big company just to sell more stuff and it is not cool that Gillette tries to normalize a serious medical and mental condition.’

5 Comments on America, What Are You Doing to Your Women?

  1. “A constant stream of bad ideas coming from America”

    Reality: …coming from the truly disturbed leftists in America. They want to destroy our morality, peace, goodness and civilized country in order to bring about their ultimate goal of communism because they think they will be our rulers.

  2. Now we have 10 yr old tranny’s too! We actually have parents not only condoning but encouraging it. And of course we have doctors ready to help with the transitions.
    We’re in deep trouble!

  3. These two videos of this guy today are the first I’ve ever seen of him. And I like him a lot! He’s so — Norwegian. And as a descendant of Norwegian immigrants, it’s fun watching his expressions and hearing his accent. He has the power of the extended pause down perfectly, too.

  4. I get that English isn’t his first language, but he speaks so slowly. I can’t listen to slow talkers. They irritate me.


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