American Airlines Tightens Leash On Emotional Support Animal Policy

KFI: American Airlines has tightened the leash on its emotional support animal policy for its flights across the U.S. The airline joins several other major carriers who have begun racheting down on what kind of pets can qualify as comfort animals.

According to the new guidelines issued by American, the airline will no longer recognize the following animals as comfort pets: goats, ferrets, insects, snakes, hedgehogs, amphibians, reptiles, rodents, snakes, spiders and sugar gliders. Non-household birds, like “farm poultry, waterfowl, game birds, and birds of prey,” as well as “animals with tusks, horns or hooves,” will also be banned from flights.

In a blog post announcing the shift in policy, the airline cited a 40 percent increase in passengers bringing their animals on-board with them during their flights between 2016 and 2017 as the reason for the change.   read more here

20 Comments on American Airlines Tightens Leash On Emotional Support Animal Policy

  1. Well since I don’t see fish on the list i’ll be sure to bring my 10 gallon aquarium on my next flight.

  2. Inquiring minds want to know,
    Does Stormy Daniels have an emotional support “rooster”…

  3. This new crackdown policy will last until the first lawsuit.

    It’s $150 to ship a carryon sized small dog or cat each way, even under your seat. But “support animals” must fly free of charge, by Federal law. That’s the lost $zillions in revenue the airlines really want to recapture, and their real agenda.

  4. So I wonder if they would allow a duck-billed platypus, which is hard to categorize as fish, fowl, rodent, or mammal.

  5. Service dogs for the blind, deaf or seizure prone (and I mean they seize a good bit) are fine with me.

    If you are so phucking delicate you need an emotional support furry friend, stay the hell at home.

    And away from me.


  6. My silverback gorilla isn’t on the list. Particularly in urban areas and when dealing with the TSA, nothing beats Grumpy, my silverback gorilla emotional support animal.

    And yes, he’ll defecate on the airplane when and where he wants to.

  7. O.k. Lowell, you can call me a snowflake, but I dare you to say that to Grumpy.

  8. The Rat Fink MAY 15, 2018 AT 8:30 PM
    Inquiring minds want to know,
    Does Stormy Daniels have an emotional support “rooster”…

    It’s a support hamster, a highly trained support hamster (ala South Park)

  9. @jellybean May 15, 2018 at 8:42 pm

    Some of us log all those miles to be away from our support manatees, thank you very much.

  10. When they posted the list. It was pointed out that they mentioned snakes twice. The American Airlines spokesperson responded.”We really don’t want those MF Snakes on our MF plane.”

  11. Spider is on the list. SPIDER. Which means some jerk tried it.

    I swear, I’m gonna need a 4oz can of support Raid for the spider and a support ball bat for you if you sit next to me with that shit.

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