American America Haters – You Are Your Own Oppressors

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  1. Great plan, trade the protestors for people that want to be here. Right up there with “Reparations Airlines”, don’t like it here, here’s a free ride home.

  2. I used to hate the phrase America love it or leave it when I was naive and younger, now I agree with it fully. If you hate America or won’t assimilate, get the hell out of our country because we don’t need or want your ungratefulness.

  3. aren’t these people exactly like those back in 1860 that wanted to rebel against the US because they didn’t agree w/ the President?

    … they are the new confederacy

    think about it

  4. A revolving door in Trump’s new wall. Protestors are arrested and taken to the wall. One protestor out, one approved immigrant in.

  5. ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ, and they are such cowards they don’t act on their convictions by renouncing their US citizenship. I don’t agree with anything about the confederates BUT the very last thing you could ever say about them would be that they were cowards.

    The communists here in America are cowards! They don’t have the courage of their convictions and renounce their citizenship.

  6. If I was braver, I would set up a card table near a university with a sign that read “Register for a FREE DRAWING! One way airfare to the socialist paradise of your choice!” I would almost be willing to pay for the ticket!


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