American Downfall

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  1. Authoritarianism has always been the problem.

    I truly do not understand why the so-called ‘99%ers’ cannot grasp that.

    Powerful message. Unfortunately, only those that already agree will heed it. The rest will greedily await their handouts.

    …Soylent Green anyone?

  2. It’s very nicely done, but snarky leftist will not watch more than one minute without their pin shaped heads popping,

  3. Liberals can win elections, but they can’t govern. Republicans eat their best candidates through the primary season and end up with candidates that can’t win elections, ie: Dole, McCain and Romney. I’ll vote 3rd Party until Republicans can figure out that it is all about winning.

  4. Obozo’s voice has always been like fingernails on the chalkboard to me. I can’t take it.

  5. A lot of great quotes and facts there, but it needs to be edited and re-produced and broken up into four or five succinct powerful messages – each one focusing on a weakness and/or lie of liberalism and/or Oblowme, and then ending with the same message of the need for conservatism.

  6. Presidents don’t do anything the banking cartel doesn’t want them to do. If they don’t they get assassinated.

  7. Very Powerful Video.

    I’d love to see the liberal counterpart video. What could they possibly show or say to defend their position.

    That said, both political parties share in the problems we face in America. Not all spending is either Democrat or Republican, it is all political in nature. Every politician is a “give me this, and I’ll vote for that” type person.

    They are all self aggrandizing, hardly ever having America’s best interest in mind.

    Personally, I find myself, if labeled and pigeonholed, to be a Libertarian Republican. Fiscally conservative, personal freedoms, smaller government with a strong, non aggressive military.


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