American Hostage Rescued By SEAL Team Six

CTH: Five days ago an American was kidnapped in Niger and taken to the neighboring country of Nigeria. Today U.S. special forces carried out a daring operation and successfully rescued him. Philip Walton, 27, was recovered by SEAL Team Six.

According to the Pentagon, the mission was undertaken by the elite commandos as part of a rescue operation before his abductors could get far after taking him captive in Niger on Oct. 26. more here

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  1. I can’t believe they killed six of the hostage takers from that country. Don’t thy know that Niger Lives Matter?

  2. I heard Joe The Slow on radio yelling about how many combat areas he’d been in and that so many 4-stars wanted him as CinC. He sarcastically called Trump “tough guy”.

    He sounded like he’d been amped- up. He gets energized when he’s angry.

    Joe, tough guys don’t have to shout about their toughness or how many retired generals want communism for the US.

  3. I cannot fathom any military type wanting this bozo as cic. He went to battle sites as a tourist not a combatant.

  4. This wasn’t an American passing through for business or pleasure. This wasn’t a member of the military or OGA who had to be there. From what I can tell, this was a young ex-pat globally-inclined software entrepreneur who made the voluntary choice to actually live in the shithole for his own financial benefit.

    What is the national interest at stake.

    Why are we risking our boys’ lives to be police in a country with whom we are not at war? Is this rescuee going to pack up and return to the U.S., or just continue living on his farm in Niger.

    Are we going to be sending a bill?

  5. Unlike… Obama, Biden and Hillary.. They left American’s to die at the hands of Mohammad Swinebutt kissers!

  6. I’m not thrilled. I’m horrified.

    My sons didn’t sign up to to save little rich boys who have chosen to live outside the United States for their own financial benefit.

  7. Janitor, he’s an American. Once word gets around that messing around with us means an early death the better we will all be.

  8. Be proud America!

    Donald Trump actually cares and being American actually means something!

    Chyna has 2 Canadians held on bullshit charges as spies while Turdeau has been biting pillows for 2 years.

  9. Okay, I will admit. Obama-Biden had a talent for successfully completing unfair trade deals relatively quickly.

    I forget the exact details but as I recall – they did make a trade deal to get back one malfunctioning soldier from Afghanistan in exchange for returning five Taliban leaders. Who quickly returned to the battlefield organizing attacks on US troops. I think Obama still views that as a win (for his team). Most Americans view it as a what the _ loss.

  10. I need to correct something. The kidnapped 27-year-old named Philp or Philippe apparently was born in Quebec, and is hanging out living in Niger for the last couple of years with his wife and child, reason unknown, because his long-time ex-pat father (reports range from 17 to 30 years) lives in the area, a hundred or so miles away. Google had a software engineer named Philip Walton age 58ish, but it’s unclear if the brother or the father or both are that person doing software stuff in the country, or are named Bruce. Very conflicting details for what usually gets a lot of “human interest” attention with bios. Locals seem to think that the father raises sheep and mangos or is a missionary.

    So… anyway… this was quite the rapid response from special operations and our State Department. Read into that whatever. It’s looking more like it wasn’t about the kid.

  11. Kcir- Wouldn’t it be funny if Jussie T’s name is discovered in Hunter’s laptop? I mean, not funny for Canada, but just the douche himself.

  12. I’m reading this was a JSOC opp. They love Trump. Check them out. I think three of them could kill everyone inside Nigeria. Did I mention they love Trump? I’m surprised they passed it off to a Seal Team.

  13. MJA,

    maybe CIA’ish? If that’s the case, let CIA do it and leave ST6 out of it.

    CIA is in Niger all the time. Remember yellowcake? Army special operations also is in Niger all the time. I don’t know why. To clean up after the CIA? Trump is doing an insane amount of campaigning and other things — was this Trump, or Pompeo, or CIA/Pentagon/JSOC.

    Anyway, I do not have sympathy for CIA crap at this point, or for the idea that we risk our commandos or paratroopers to rescue people who just want to live in some shithole for the hell of it, or because they’re wanting to make money there (instead of here). What is the national interest. What is this — the lives of our military personnel are expendable? They’re worldwide personal body guards?

  14. Brad, I don’t think it was the SEALs or at any rate just the SEALs. The media calls everything “Seal Team Six” since they became enamored of that with Obama.


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