American Meth: From “Breaking Bad” To “Walking Dead”

Most of us have watched an episode or full seasons of the AMC breakout hit series “Breaking Bad.” The central character, Walter White, is a high school science teacher with terminal cancer who decides that to provide for his family after his passing he’ll cook up meth. That decision snowballs season after season until White admits his synthesizing of methamphetamine had more to do with his own edification that with the family’s financial security.

I reference “Breaking Bad” to prime you for a really interesting “Atlantic” article on a DEA lab expert who has shared his investigations of the evolution of meth from rural super labs to industrial chemical factories pumping out synthetics of ever more toxic concoctions. What abusers think of as meth of plant based derivatives are actually a cocktail of poisons turning users into real life “Walking Dead” (another AMC breakout series). Here

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  1. When my children were old enough to think about using any kind of drug, I told them a what if story.
    What if you just want to try it to see what it does?
    What if you find it gives you the most wonderful experience of your life?
    What if from then on, you always crave it?
    Would it be worth losing everything just to satisfy your curiosity?

  2. Good article. It explains some of the change in the dope heads demeanor around my area. Lots more full on raving nowadays.

  3. 80% of the arrests in my moderately small town are meth related.

    It serves to keep the police and courts gainfully employed. We introduce poor people to the justice system and then we keep them there until they die.

    Not real interesting, just true.

    Helps out a bit though. The people with money here that buy real estate just before local government or the State need it for something seem to escape attention.

    Funny how that works. You can see the profit spread on the county records of property sales. You can’t sell pussy for this markup. I

  4. In my neck of the woods we call meth users tweakers. You can spot one a mile away. Always scratching every place on their body that can be reached, missing most, if not all of their teeth. Most of them look like a strong breeze would knock them over. Everyone of them that I have seen also have utterly dead eyes. Battery acid & ammonia tend to have that effect on you.

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