American NBC News cameraman tests positive for Ebola — just one day after he is hired to work in Liberia with medical correspondent Dr. Nancy, network says

The 33-year-old cameraman started showing symptoms of the virus on Wednesday — one day after hired as a second cameraman for NBC News Chief Medical Editor and Correspondent Dr. Nancy Snyderman, the network said Thursday.

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  1. Ebola–Obama’s Deadly Politically-Correct Disease

    Over a month ago, I published two articles in this space on the subject of the Ebola virus, the first titled, “Ebola–Obama’s Latest Gift to America” and the second a few weeks later titled, “Ebola Spreading Uncontrollably.”
    I intended the first piece as a sarcastic indictment of President Barack Hussein Obama and his administration’s ineptitude in dealing with a potential pandemic and concluded by writing, “The poor guy may just stay home in our White House, watch CNN, pray to Allah, and gleefully watch the body count.”

    In the second I noted that, “To suggest the Ebola virus could very well and not in the distant future, reach and infect perhaps millions in America may be unnecessarily alarmist but such a suggestion could also reflect a reasonable doubt that Ebola researchers and physicians completely grasp its dangers or, for that matter, whether information as to its proliferation would even be publicized to suppress panic.”

    Unfortunately but predictably, both articles are proving to have been all too prophetic and, though the causes are complex, their validity can be attributed mostly to the president’s obsession with political correctness and the attendant P.C. corollaries of self-defensive insecurities that supplement them.

    How else do we explain Obama’s repeatedly denigrating the critical interests of the nation he supposedly represents in service to foreign people and countries who present major threats and dangers to America but by an innate fear of offending them?

    Now that Brtain’s Daily Mail has dared to front-page the news that most people already expected, namely that Anthony Banbury, the Secretary General’s Special Representative, has admitted a “nightmare” prospect that the Ebola virus could easily become airborne instead of only being spread by bodily fluids as heretofore thought, compounded by officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention refusal to divulge any details on precise steps being adopted to contain the disease, suspicions are increasing that panic has set in.

    None of that news will influence President Obama’s P.C. approach toward controlling its spread but it all can mean that the simple act of breathing may soon become sufficient to communicate the most dangerous epidemic seen on our planet in many years.

    As a fundamentally Christian country, . . . (Read more at

  2. CBS Evening News had Scott Peterpuffer Pelley and their network medicine flunky laughing and joking about how ebola is less contagious than flu and that ebola has never faced modern medicine and treatments like we have here.

    Essentially, they were saying that ebola should be scared to come here.

    Clearly, these two dipshits need to take their tongues out of each other’s asses and apologize. They are telling people that it is okay to shake hands and have physical contact with infected ebola victims without any sort of protection.

    The lunacy starts at 0:58 and continues with a cheerleaderesque tone that belies the severity of this threat.

  3. It’s unfortunate to hear this about the NBC news reporter. Does this mean that NBC will stop coving for Obama on Ebola now that one of their own is infected?

  4. Why haven’t we heard anything about Matt Damon rushing over there to make sure the third-world sufferer’s have clean water and sanitary living conditions?

    Maybe because even though he’s a fake; he’s not stupid?

    The same challenge goes to any other holier than thou “Hollywood Humanitarian”.

  5. Let’s hope the reporter comes back and infects the entire mainstream media.

    I bet their political correctness would take a swan dive right the fuck out the window – and for a long time, too!

  6. It’s stupid and irresponsible to be over there in the first place. It would be more helpful to send a memo to Africa that states “Stop eating bugs and bush meat” then let them figure it out.

  7. We need to ban all incoming flights from Ebola hot spots such as Liberia and Sierra Leone starting NOW.

    Of course, Obama won’t do that because it’d be way rayciss……

  8. Nobody goes to Africa and nobody comes back from there — the whole damn continent is quarantined. Don’t fuck the animals (AIDS) and don’t eat the animals (Ebola).

    Obumbles’ foreign policy by the numbers: he sends 300 ‘advisors’ to the ISIS-controlled areas and he sends 3,000 troops to Ebola-land. Only pin-pricks to his Muzzie friends, yet perfectly acceptable for our men to get the modern-day plague.

  9. Nancy Synderman. The arrogant medical television personality who once smugly said that she didn’t like the religious part of Christmas cause it mucks things up.

    How much you wanna bet she’s on her hands and knees now, you know being all religious and all?

  10. Degrade the best health care in the world, then overwhelm it.
    Degrade the best economy in the world, then overwhelm it.
    Degrade the Christian ethic that helped build this country, then overwhelm it.
    Am I sensing a pattern here?

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