American Sophist

The rebuttal last night to the President’s address from the oval office is proving to be a self-inflicted disaster for democrat congressional leadership. Some found the dour hangdog presentation reminiscent of disappointed parents forced to scold their charges for misbehaving. Here 

Others were reminded of the Grant Wood classic portrait. Here

Judging from the expression on their own faces as they watched a replay of their performance afterwards, even Chuck and Nancy realized what a total fail they had just laid before the American people. Here


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  1. So I must not be the only one whose first thought when I saw that picture of Pelosi and Schumer was to think of the painting American Gothic by Grant Wood. Except now it should be American Failure. It’s only gothic if you think of them as a couple of soulless, mind numbed, brain dead gargoyles, zombies or harpies especially Pelousey.

  2. Considering all the shit that comes out of their mouths, they probably could not smell a skunk. Considering all the face lifts Pelosi’s had, we could be looking at her bung hole with lipstick.

  3. Someone commented on Twitter that the two looked like they were participating in open mic night at the funeral home. It fit.

  4. Uncle Lurch & Aunt Fester! 😆

    She really COULD use some dentures that fit. That… and a good straitjacket… :insaneinthemembrane:


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