American Stasi

Patriot Retort: Yesterday I tried to write about the absolute miscarriage of justice done to Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn.

But I couldn’t.

I guess being blind with rage makes it difficult to put together a coherent column.

Robert Mueller isn’t investigating a crime.

But then again, he never was.

Under Barack Obama, the American Justice System turned into the American Stasi.


And what I find absolutely infuriating is that those in the news media and far too many Americans are totally cool with that.

The prevailing attitude is “Hey, if you have nothing to hide, if you’ve done nothing wrong, why would you need a lawyer when the FBI comes calling?”

They really don’t care that Andrew McCabe led Flynn to believe this was just an informal conversation and there was really no reason to involve attorneys.


And they really don’t care that Robert Mueller defied a Federal Judge yesterday and refused to turn over the documents the judge ordered he turn over – including the original interview notes made after the FBI had their “informal conversation” with Mike Flynn in the White House.  READ MORE

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  1. @joe6pak:

    Anybody know how to do a citizens arrest?

    That raises an intriguing point. Is the protocol the same for an arresting citizen the same as it is for an arresting officer when the person being arrested resists the arrest?

  2. He did turn over strozk and page’s phones, empty as they were.
    Apparently hillary didn’t return the hammer she borrowed. They should ding her for that.

    this has to be a hollowgram

  3. If you are talking to any law enforcement agency, without a lawyer, you are wrong. City police, State Investigators, any Federal Agency, why in the hell would you offer up a single word?

    Shut up. Say nothing. There is NOTHING that comes out of your mouth that will help your position. Not one damn word.

    What about this that people don’t understand?

  4. Mueller went from stooge of the elite to becoming elite.
    He has earned a Lifetime of Immunity for his political favoritism and corruption.

  5. I’m sit here, month after month, reading the web on this case, and smoke is pouring out of my ears. I don’t need another state to retire in, I need another country.

  6. I also am enraged and agonized over this.

    Judge Emmett Sullivan now has ordered the Mueller team to produce the 302 report about the interview with LTG Flynn in which Flynn is alleged to have “lied” — about something that was legal and arguably none of their business — to FBI agents who had no good reason to be “interviewing” him in the first place.

    The Mueller prosecutors instead have produced a 302 report of an interview by the IG conducted seven months after-the-fact with Agent Strzok, one of Flynn’s interviewers, in which Strzok “recalled” (yeah?) the precise words of the Flynn interview. I hope Judge Sullivan does the right thing.

    I do not believe that Michael Flynn lied. I am convinced that he did what he had to do to keep the FBI from persecuting his son (also for nothing) and to stop the financial bleeding
    that was bankrupting him.

    That aside, given the First (free speech) and Fifth (right not to testify against oneself) Amendments, I am confused as to how it is constitutional to have a law that punishes someone for lying to a government official when that government official comes around asking questions. (I would differentiate circumstances in which the information goes the other way, e.g. falsely reporting a crime, or filling out an application for something — but these usually DO require swearing uner penalty of perjury). But how can it be held to be illegal when one has not been placed under oath to not tell the truth to a government official?

  7. @janitor:

    …how can it be held to be illegal when one has not been placed under oath to not tell the truth to a government official?

    Because the U.S. govt is an institution of anarchy. They regard laws that we mundanes are forced to obey not to be applicable to themselves. The Constitution, specifically the Bill of Rights, clearly does not allow enacting a law criminalizing telling lies to govt agents. The govt does not care. Not any part of it, especially the Supreme Court.

    If you want to see the ugly side of anarchy, simply look at the federal govt of the U.S. It wouldn’t be so bad if all of us lived in the same anarchy; that way we could rid ourselves of the thugs and megalomaniacs expeditiously.

  8. Mussolini thought he would or could never be held accountable for his deeds. The Italian people showed him otherwise. Mueller deserves the same as Mussolini for his deeds. I’d love to see it happen when all hell breaks loose someday. The left will rue the day anarchy takes over and it will be ironic that it is them who brought it about. They will have no place to hide. There will be a rage beyond their comprehension and they will reap what they sowed.

  9. After a home intruder at my house. My attorney told me to. 1 Tell the person he is on private property and that you want him to leave. 2. If he fails to leave tell him you are placing him under citizens arrest for trespass and to have a seat. 3. Call the police. 4. If he tries to leave you can use any force required to keep him from leaving. If he leaves he can be charged with trespassing, resisting arrest and escape. I never got to try it out so you may not want to try it at home. I told friends that if I had another intruder, no one would ever find the body. Also a safety tip…have a loaded .45 in your hand in case trouble arrives unexpectedly. I would suggest also checking with a Qualified, licensed attorney or three before going after Muller. Good luck, farewell, oh, and you don’t know me if asked.

  10. Joe6Pak

    My father threw a citizens arrest on a bunch of asshole when I was 18. It was a land dispute. Unfortunately for the assholes my entire wrestling team showed up. We were hurting MoFos much oder than us right and left. most fun I’ve ever had, excluding those two sisters I met Ah shit never mind about that.

  11. @Uncle Al December 15, 2018 at 7:19 pm

    > Is the protocol the same for an arresting citizen the same as it is for an arresting officer when the person being arrested resists the arrest?

    Don’t matter. Arresting an armed killer already means you’re in fear of grave bodily harm.

  12. Those that should be addressing these criminal acts are too politically cowered to act. As if that wasn’t bad enough we have those in upper positions like McConnell who quietly cheer on and use their leverage to see that it continues. It’s an uneven match between the corrupt and the cowardly and we are helpless to effect any change.

  13. The denizens of Washington live in such a cloistered environment that they have no idea how deep the contempt for their actions is growing. The outrage is smoldering away and they continue their sleazy acts with little thought as to how their abuse is building into a murderous rage.


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