American Taxpayers – SUCKERS


TRN-  An illegal alien who graduated from the University Of California – San Diego last Wednesday, outraged many Americans with what she took with her to the podium to accept her diploma.

She took out a large green, white and red Mexican flag, shouting as she opened it wide to the audience.

Indira Esparza, 22, came to the United States from Mexico when her parents illegally crossed the Arizona border when she was two, but is still a Mexican citizen, according to The San Diego Union-Tribune.

While a student at UCSD, Esparza established the Undocumented Student Services Center so that she and other undocumented students could talk about “shared insecurities” they “suffered” as a result of their immigration “status.”

But if Esparza was feeling “insecure” about being illegal, she certainly showed the opposite, arrogantly displaying her Mexican flag and yelling “Yeah Mexico” or “Viva Mexico,” according to mixed accounts of other students.

This despite the fact that the Mexican government did not contribute a single penny to her education. In fact, Esparza reportedly received direct aid for “undocumented students” by the State of California, along with affirmative action admission preferences.

Former DHS Secretary and now UCal president Janet Napolitano enacted $5 million in such college aid for illegals as her very first act in 2013 — which critics have said takes aid away from hundreds of American citizen students.

And of course, she and her parents were able to prosper, without being deported for at least 20 years, likely receiving free medical care, welfare and other services that 88% of Mexican illegals receive in the U.S. each year.

Yet did she wave an American flag to show her appreciation? Nope. She stuck it to the very taxpayers who paid her family’s way while letting them continually break our laws.


How do you give a degree to someone so stupid that they don’t understand that if America turns into Mexico you have two sh!tholes instead of just the one that she’s so proud of?

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  1. And all of these “immigrant activists” (illegal invaders) wonder why actual American citizens have rightly come to despise them. It’s bad enough that they steal from the mouths of taxpayer’s children but they then reveal themselves as ungrateful jerks after dishonestly enriching themselves with our money.

    DTA – Deport Them All

  2. “Viva Mexico”

    If Mexico is so great, why the hell don’t you go to school down there?
    And I know the answer to that question, La Raza’s goal is to “take back California”. That’s her victory flag. Thanks 0bama, you communist faggot.

  3. exactly right.
    As my friend’s dad, whose grandfather was born in Mexico and came here legally, would say:

    “Why do they come here, and still bring their own ways and bad habits?”

    They don’t want to do better, they want US to do better FOR them.

  4. I miss a lot of my old Mexican friends in So. Cal., good people. They hated the wetbacks because they gave the hard working Mexican Americans, who were here legally, a bad name.

    Now there are so many illegals there, whites are a minority in Los Angeles. It’s turned completely around.

  5. Should expatriate the Rats that allowed it all to happen including the Bush’s and the members of the Chamber of Commerce. In fact the bill for all this should be sent and laid at their feet.

  6. Is there any fear from Immigration any more? Before, used to be all you had to do was shout “IMMIGRE IMMIGRE!” and every wetback would scatter like a roach.

    I think that for some, that is still the case. The ‘undesirable’ illegals might get deported, maybe as a gesture, because they are less useful.

    But for the young, healthy, English speaking activist illegals, they know that they are desirable to the administration and have nothing to fear.

  7. Waving the Mexican flag at her graduation is the backhanded snub she gives to the country who sheltered her and her family from the horrors of third world Mexico?
    We took her in and let her stay, gave her advantages over citizens, gave her a college education, and applauded her success.
    Ungrateful bitch.
    Strip her degree, throw her and all her brood to the third generation back over the border, chip them like animals so we can track their progress if they return.
    Then give all their property to the family of a displaced textile worker from Kentucky

  8. From an education standpoint, her degree means nothing, most who actually pay for college are graduating only to find jobs barely above minimum wage. Most have student loans which will keep them from buying homes and cars because their debt level is too high. What a great country.

    Then there is the other side of the coin. Education off the taxpayers dime, no debt, jobs more accessible because of minority hiring practices and/or being multilingual. Being a woman seems to hold an easier way into work, which is a good thing in so many ways, but why at the expense of the experienced white males?

    There is just so much wrong with education in America. We cater to illegals and minorities through political means, and completely cave in to union demands at the local and state levels. I’m not sure why it is so hard for seemingly educated politicians and teachers to figure it out.

    The education level in this country has dropped so significantly, and yet as American’s we seem blind to it.

    Comprehension is at an all time low.

    I know I am painting a rather broad brush, but come on America, wake up.

  9. So basically she’s a parasite (in every sense of the word) and then told the U.S. to go F itself? Nice.


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