American U Profs To Disregard “Quality” of Students’ Writing


According to a report from The College Fix, an upcoming seminar  which will be conducted by University of Washington-Tacoma Professor Asao Inoue at American University will ask professors to disregard a student’s “quality” of writing when grading their assignments.
The seminar will include a variety of lectures.  One in particular will encourage professors to recognize “white language supremacy” perpetuated by standard grading practices. More

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  1. Truth Dat! To a report from bros at the College Fix, it be an opcoming smash where University of Washington-Tacoma Prefesser of thoof, Asao Inoue at Americon Universeety will aks prefessers to disreegard a student’s “quality” of writing when grading their assyments.
    The seminar will incoode a variety of lectoors. One in best of besties will encourage professors to recognize “white language supremacy” preputrated by standard grading pratises.

    Ugh! FIFY

  2. Just further proof that a liberal arts degree from an American University isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on. And if the
    left gets their way it won’t be long before a STEM degree will
    be EQUALLY worthless.

  3. And peer reviewed will become pee’r reviewed.
    Who needs standards, anyway? They got us this far, now academia wants to engage neutral and coast.

    Long live APA format!

  4. A 2002 Barna Group study found that among Americans, “the most common basis for moral decision-making was doing whatever feels right”; moreover, wrote Barna, “More than half of the young adults (52%) and teenagers (54%) base their moral choices on feelings and beneficial outcomes compared to just one-third of adults 36 and older who do so (32%).” Likewise, there was an interesting correlation. The study’s focus was moral relativism, and Barna determined that only 22 percent of adults and six percent of teens believed in moral absolutes; this and other data indicate that relativism is also gaining ground over time.

  5. Students of all colors and backgrounds be pointin’ fingers at theyselves n’ sayin: I is good with dat shit.

  6. True story. When I was going back to school for my Master’s degree, a younger black man in class, who obviously already had his Bachelor’s, was angry and ready to quit because he had been told he needed a remedial writing class. Instructors could barely make out what he was writing. It was true, I’d seen samples of his work. He and others were quite insulted but, that I recall, no one got to the point were they said aloud that it was racially motivated. Now, that was back in the 2000s so I have no doubt today he would have threatened to sue and the school would have dropped it and let him go on looking illiterate with their degree and approval stamped on him.

  7. I don’t think they should force students to use punctuation because punctulation is completely overrated and sometimes interrupts the flow of the sentence paragraph or page and it is my opinion that punctuation is racist because of this because so what if a sentence seems to run on and on and on as it’s the thinking behind the writing the counts and besides punctuation is a white man’s construct that unfairly punishes minorities and interrupts the presumed creativity of the reader who can supply his her its zem zer zis or whatever pronoun he her its zem zer zis wants to use in order to supply the meaning to the written passage which may or may not be what the author who is undoubtably a privileged person intended that particular piece of writing to convey

  8. Used to be a crime to educate slaves.

    Now, you can get paid to mal-educate slaves!

    And the funny part is: the slaves are so mal-educated, they think they’re getting a break! So they take out loans to be more mal-educated and the loans pay the mal-educators to mal-educate the mal-educated moronic slaves!

    What a scam! Kinda wish I’da thought of it …

    izlamo delenda est …

  9. Woot-woot! Retroactively applied, I just moved up from Cum Laude, to Magna Cum Laude! Time to change my resume!!! 🙄


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