American University Yoga Club Shuts Down over ‘Cultural Appropriation’



Breitbart: A yoga club at American University has shut down after one student took offense and filed a complaint accusing the group of “cultural appropriation.”

All it took was one student’s complaint to dissolve the Bhakti Yoga and Vegetarian Club that had been active on American University’s (AU) campus for the last seven years.

AU student, Maya Krishnan, took offense to an event in October, in which the yoga club had invited the touring group Viva Kultura to perform on campus for its “India Day” festival.

In an op-ed, Krishnan accused the yoga club of “cultural appropriation,” due to the Viva Kultura group being “almost entirely comprised of white European dancers.”

“Having my culture represented by an almost entirely white troupe of dancers is incredibly frustrating,” wrote Krishnan in her op-ed, “Hinduism is not widely practiced by white people — having white people centered in the performance was not the way to go about it.”

“White European dancers will never know my intersectional experience as a Hindu woman, being a brown bodied person and the other aspects of systematic racism that I, as well as other South Asian people, have experienced,” continued the AU student.

Krishnan had also filed a complaint with the President’s Council on Diversity and Inclusion, according to ISKCON News.

The yoga club’s faculty adviser, president, and vice president then decided to resign, which caused the group to lose its status as an active club on AU’s campus — thus shutting it down entirely.

Not all students involved with the yoga club agree to it shutting down.

“This is an affront to free exercise of religion on this campus, for anybody who meditates or has a spiritual practice” said student Ben Zavaleta to ISKCON News, “There were some Indian people in our group too. Maya has targeted other Indian students because she didn’t like a performance.” more here

18 Comments on American University Yoga Club Shuts Down over ‘Cultural Appropriation’

  1. if its anything like watching the belly dancers that perform at the local craft fair i think i’d pass.

  2. I do my yoga at home, so I can’t have my religious faith imperiled by Hindu chants.

    I do about 20 minutes nearly every morning, feels so good to bend and stretch. I am considering going to a yoga center – but primarily to meet women. 🙂

  3. she’s an idiot
    And AU must not have a very healthy religious studies or philosophy program.
    Professing to be Hindu, she should certainly be familiar with the Bhagavad Gita.
    My goodness, the whole thing is about detachment.
    She is obviously heavily attached, and unhealthily so in my estimation.

  4. I’m quite sure Maya Krishnan whined her gripe in English.
    She should be ashamed! Using the language of the hated British Raj! That’s BOTH knuckling under to the imperialists AND cultural appropriation. Kick her out of school!

  5. LOL I was part of ‘aerobics’ classes when in grad school. Sadly, it did not lead to any appropriation of any kind, IYKWIMAITYD. However, I understand how yoga pants might drive a young man insane and the rest is just PC craziness.

  6. Do you need a permit to hunt those things Aaron?

    How do they contribute to society other than being bad examples?

  7. It’s the dichotomy between the two groups that I find so fascinating, Dan.

    How can someone who’s biggest bitch is that their yoga club got cancelled going to be able to deal with a mainstream culture that makes 6ix9ine a fuggin’ millionaire.

    The thug culture has way more numbers than the PC crowd and it only has one direction it can go…. further down into intelligibility and crudity.

    Team “f*ck em” is gonna’ trounce team “whiny bitch”.

  8. I want all those black women sporting blonde hair on their TV shows to own
    up to their CA guilt. Then they can trade their Beemer in on a donkey.
    Things go downhill for them from there.


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