American woman, you’re all right by me

A couple of pieces I’ve recently come across had me thankful to share this nation with so many members of the fairer sex.

First, women in this country refuse to vote as a monolithic gender block. They are more concerned with a candidate’s record and positions than whether or not that politician is a member of the sisterhood.  More

On the other hand, a recent study on women from across Europe and Canada finds  younger women (born after 1955) prefer the progressive agenda while their older sisters (born prior to 1955) seek conservative principles. The writer credits the decline of religion in those nations and believes eventually those younger women will shift the balance leftwards causes as the older cohorts no longer make it their polling places. More

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  1. Women are the proto-communists; they will always vote for safety and security at the expense of liberty; those few women who do not are the exceptions that prove the rule.

    Women are the majority of voters, hence we will not be voting ourselves out of this nightmare; blood will have to be spilled, and I expect the United States as it is currently constituted to cease to exist.

    The question is “How do we save Western Civilization (Christendom)?” Simple; we end voting ‘rights’ for women and stop their wholesale access to college. I know, “not all women are like that (NAWALT). No, they aren’t, but most are.

    The divorce laws and the bias toward women will have to be changed; again, they are the majority of voters so voting will not change this.

    It’s not that all women will avail themselves of the existing gynocentric laws; it’s that ALL WOMEN CAN.

    Hate on, brothers and sisters.

  2. Women are the most fickle things on the planet. You will hear the lefties shouting about how ‘the future belongs to women’ and ‘girl power’. But will they back Sarah Palin, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, or any conservative woman’s voice? Liberal women will always cherry-pick socially and politically.

    The women on the right are not that much better. They are only now standing up to be counted. It’s about time.

  3. Gotta love everyone, especially non-vaginal accessed by ones vaginal choice of frustrated non-nuts.
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    Ref: Norm MacDonald


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