Americans Are Tuning Out of Trump Impeachment Trial — And It Couldn’t Come at Worse Time for Dems


Jan 23 – About 8.9 million TV viewers watched the Senate impeachment trial of President Donald Trump on Wednesday, the first day Democrats laid out their case against the president, marking a significant drop from the roughly 11 million viewers who watched on Tuesday, according to Nielsen ratings data.

The ratings indicate that the TV audience shrunk by 19 percent between Tuesday’s session, which was consumed by procedural matters, and Wednesday, when Democrats began making their argument about why Trump should be removed from office.

The audience includes viewership from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm EST on Walt Disney Co’s ABC, AT&T Inc’s CNN, ViacomCBS’s CBS, Comcast Corp’s NBC and MSNBC, and Fox Corp’s Fox News. The trial continued until 9:43 p.m. EST that night.

The third presidential impeachment trial in U.S. history is unlikely to end with a vote that removes Trump from office, as Republicans who control the Senate have continually voiced support for the president. read more

14 Comments on Americans Are Tuning Out of Trump Impeachment Trial — And It Couldn’t Come at Worse Time for Dems

  1. Seing their impeachment managers I know we just be a repeat of had already transpired.
    I did not watch it then and will not watch it now.
    By executive order, the president should build a Hangmans Gibet right outside of Congress.

  2. I’ve been watching this Prog crap all three days, as it is still going on as I type this. They’ve washed, rinsed & repeated so much during their time that they’ve worn out a whole wardrobe. It reminds me of a joke I heard as a kid, where one of the lines is Washy, washy, rinsy, rinsy, pass it by the nose & it smells like a rose. In the Progs case it’s washy, washy, rinsy, rinsy, pass it by the nose, washy washy. In other words everything that the Progs have spouted these last three days is such a stinking pile of crap.

  3. I might have watched more of it, but every single time I tuned in the same pencil neck bug eyed shithead was blowing smoke up everyone’s ass.

  4. I want Joe Biden investigated. We already have him on video bragging about how he got a Ukrainian prosecutor fired by threatening to withhold aid, and if that isn’t abuse of power, I don’t know what is. This bastard needs to be investigated particularly since he is running for President – the American people deserve to know whether or not this candidate is corrupt.

    The Democrats aren’t even trying very hard to clear Biden. The Democrat argument is that Biden can’t be investigated because this may influence the Presidential campaign – which is not an explanation for Biden’s behavior and is a tacit admission that Biden is, in fact, corrupt. Only a Democrat can believe that it’s o.k. for a corrupt candidate to run for office and the American people are prohibited from learning the truth.

    Since the Democrats and their media lapdogs are all in on the fix, I guess it’s time to start “Impeach Joe Biden.” Just in case.

  5. Tomorrow is when the fun begins when the President’s lawyers finally get to speak. Of course it will be on the weekend. I will watch that, and the TV will be tuned in.
    If networks that were covering the democrat portion stop covering it, i will light up the lines, network email, etc.

    The democrat media will do anything to prevent the truth from getting out. They are not even subtle about it any more.

  6. Time for Team Trump to go mid evil on these assholes. I can’t believe that little squeeze doll ass hole hasn’t done something illegal. If Trumps gonna fix this mess people need to be held accountable

  7. While running errands over the past few days, I’ve listened to some of it on my car radio. I gotta tell ya, if I were a senator or someone else forced to sit still and listen to that load of seditious, treasonous, slanderous, vicious, mendacious, malodorous, sophomoric sophistry I just know I’d totally lose it and resort to violence. Really violent violence.

    I may give it a try tomorrow when President Trump’s lawyers’ turn comes up, but I won’t promise anything.

  8. I tried to watch but the repetition and poor readers made me leave. Did read updates but watched no more. I plan to watch the President’s lawyers eviscerate the dems tomorrow. They have a lot of material to work with.

  9. Here’s my theory.
    The Democrat Party is shedding the crazies like a snake sheds it’s skin.
    Pelosi let No-Nads and that Pencil Neck drag the party into the shithouse.
    She knows Trump is going to be acquitted and he is most likely to win in Nov.
    She is playing a long game by putting the Party into ‘Hibernation’ and to let Trump have his day, and to shed the crazies in the next cycle and try to bring the center Left back into control of the Party.


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