Americans turning on social media

Wa Examiner: U.S. adults have begun to turn on social media giants like Facebook and Twitter, and a majority believes that these social media platforms have done more to hurt democracy and free speech than help.

Last year, 43 percent of U.S. adults thought social media hurt society, but that increased to 57 percent in 2018, according to an Axios poll conducted through mid November.

Both Democrats and Republicans have soured on social media, as Republicans have claimed censorship of conservative voices, and Democrats have complained about the use of targeted ads that they say can be used to discriminate against minorities.

Nine percent more Democrats believe social media hurts free speech than last year, and 17 percent more Republicans feel that way, the poll said.

Overall, however, 63 percent of U.S. adults 18 and older say that social media plays a positive role in their lives, and 40 percent say social media has a positive affect on society.

14 Comments on Americans turning on social media

  1. As with any thing….moderation is the key.

    Video games have done more damage to our youth. Keeps them indoors, when life happens outdoors.

    Our youth is becoming retarded.

  2. How can a “targeted” ad be used to discriminate? What are they trying to sell? Isn’t the audience the choice of the advertiser?

  3. I avoid most social media. IOTW is however, first in and last out – this site entertains, informs, and enlightens!

  4. The last iPhone update added a screen time
    Manager. It tracks what you are doing on your phone and how long on each type of thing. My college daughter and her friends monitored their screen time for one week without peeking and were horrified. As a result these 19 yo’s All deleted twitter and Instagram and made a vow to call instead of Snapchattting. They had no idea how much time they were actually wasting. My younger children who don’t use twitter or instagram yet all set their own limits on snapchat, games and apps. I wonder if this move by iPhone will hurt social media and bring sanity back to the world.

  5. Facebook is going titz-up.
    I think they need to add a white toilet seat band that sez:
    “Sanitized for Your Protection”

    Yeahhhh, that’s the ticket!

  6. Interestingly enough, FB is completely down right now…

    I have never seen that before.

    I put up a lot pics Yesterday of the OPA Boat Races in Englewood

    Florida..and was curious if anyone wanted to buy one.

    P.S. Red Tide made Me ill just standing on the Beach.

  7. Some of us have a actual life. I find I don’t have that much free time to play on social media all day. I worked in the computer industry and carried a cellphone, blackberry and a pager, when I retired I ran away from being “available” 24/7 to needy, clueless folks.

  8. Americans tend to recognize power-mad national socialist-types when they see them; after all, there was a time not long ago when we used to kill them.

  9. I’ve seen this close up. I was a latecomer to FB and used it a lot
    in early ’17 and so did some old acquaintances, both right win and retarded. Now, nobody is using it

    The only people who are still using it a lot are people who are, say, musicians and simply want to advertise their latest gigs

  10. I think I’ve been on fecebook 1 time since the beginning of the year; got 30 days for describing disgusting goat-fuckers as they are.
    Used to be on there all the time, but as with all things, eventually assholes ruin it.
    Now I have to try to remember my pswd so I can delete my account.


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