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America’s First Muslim Ghetto?

Once a factory town for Dodge, with a majority Polish population, Hamtramck, MI is now “23 percent Arabic, 19 percent Bangladeshi and 7 percent Bosnian.”


Hamtramck’s claim to fame today is four mosques blaring out the call to pray five times a day and for not issuing liquor licenses 500 feet from these centers of Islam worship.

Surrounded by Detroit, the city of 22,000 is the most densely populated in Michigan and has among the state’s highest poverty rates.


The French have various names for their communities that are majority Muslim; Banlieue, zone urbaines sensibles, or, No Go Zones.

Call them what you will, these urban areas controlled by Muslims are festering centers of cultural isolation, alienation, desperation. and all too often the breeding ground for Muslim terrorism.

16 Comments on America’s First Muslim Ghetto?

  1. We’re not in Kansas anymore….fuck you Obama

  2. Ya know, houses sell on Ebay for $100 in Detroilet. It’s not hard to take over without much cash in this area. I believe we have enough funds within the iotwr readership to purchase an adjacent ghetto that specializes in flying pig rides over the great ghetto of Hamtramck.

  3. Hard to believe Muslims would live in any place that starts with the word “Ham”…


  4. I wonder if the queers know that they can’t get married in that shithole town. And no fucking cake either. Ha ha.!

  5. I think someone should put up “Gun Free Zone” signs around their neighborhood perimeter.

    Let’s use some reverse psychology to our benefit for a change.

  6. We could make up some badges that say, “Ministry for the Propagation of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice” and start arresting them for using anything that was made or invented by an “infidel”. The penalty for which is immediate deportation by way of log raft, and death by stoning if they try to return.

  7. The simple solution of eliminating welfare would force them all back home from the rat hole they came from and that’s the same solution for the entire ghetto culture….stop subsidizing it!

  8. Likewise, can the constitution coexist with progtards?

  9. im sure they’re just doing it ironically

  10. Wait until they control the police department in that town. You want to see scary??? Then, town by town by city, they will control the state of Michigan and their national guard. And all their weaponry. Follow the logical progression of things. There is no denying it. They are planning this, its not “just happening” . This all happened to that town inside of TEN YEARS. Civil war is coming to this country for sure. One way or another it is going to happen. Probably when they feel the odds favor them and the good Americans that are willing to fight have become to old and slow to win.

  11. The non-muslims left for the ‘burbs & the muslims filled the vacuum. They fill their mosques, while you can die of lonliness in Christian churches. I almost thought I was reading about my own upstate NY city, except change muslim to hispanic. Only difference is they have NO desire to serve in any civic capacity, either on the city council, city jobs, or law enforcement. They just sit home, make babies & collect their public assistance benefits.

    BTW, why can’t the muslim call to prayer be broadcast on their cell phones, which they all seem to have?

  12. I expect the new city council will be renaming the town Mohammtramck after Ramadan has been imposed on all city business for a month.

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