America’s [Humiliated and Demoralized] Military – IOTW Report

America’s [Humiliated and Demoralized] Military

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  1. Some (most) people just don’t get it! The only way Socialist/Communists can ever win is by dragging the competition (Capitalism), (us) down to its lowest level of Maximum Suck! They’ve been infiltrating our politics, military and schools in order to level the playing field with New Math, Common Core, Gender theory, fentanyl candy, ginned-up “racism”, BLM, defunding the police, burning, looting and murder of our major cities, installing corrupt politicians and DAs to destroy our time-honored methods and rule of law, turning loose violent criminals to terrorize the public, fruitcakes from the Island of Busted-Ass Toys normalizing licentious behavior and a stolen election to place them in the cat bird seat to finally accomplish what has taken them over a half a century of work to put into play! I don’t think that anybody will disagree that we are now at our lowest level of Suck… but believe it or not, we have not yet reached Maximum Suck. That starts after they take full control and the “re-education” begins!
    Learn from those who have experienced Communism close up and personal… and you’d better do it NOW because if you don’t, like it or not you eventually will, but by then yer gonna find yourself on the East side of the New Berlin Virtual Wall (NBVW) and by then it will be too damn late!
    (hint: it’s almost done. Don’t let them finish it (and us) in November!
    Aaaaaaannnnd guess what! If they do there is no where else on the planet to escape to!

  2. @TRF: Not so! When all of Mexico, and other Latin countries population move here, we can then go there! We can make those country’s as great as this country used to be and they can continue converting this country into the shit-hole like places they left!

  3. Spent 35+ years in the military. Today I strongly discourage kids from joining. Why, you ask? Well, let me explain. Today’s military’s top priorities are in line with the far left radicals who look up to our Chinese and Soviet enemies. GI’s are forced to take the suicide jab. Hard work, reliability, potential, dedication, and excellence have been replaced by homosexual tendencies, racism, political correctness, Affirmative Action, and loyalty to the communist-democrat party. Obama, the seditious gay Kenyan commie, blew it when he asked generals if they’d fire on American citizens.

  4. Let me elaborate @TRF.

    I am constantly at a boil over the stupidity, or perhaps the nefarious evil from the White House, the FBI, the new and improved faggot military, the embattled citizenry and the poor police saps that are supposed to stand between grandma and her kids as the feral savages rampage the landscape.

    I had a doc appointment yesterday and he said I might be drinking too much from behind his silly mask.

    It’s getting to be a bit too much for me. Am I drinking more than I should? Yeah. It’s a terrible coping mechanism. Saying that I will stop drinking when you all stop being evil and vindictive and stupid is not going to bring about a good outcome.

    I’m kind of stuck.

    Of course, Winston Churchill drank until age 91.

    I’ll deal with it in due course.

  5. Don’t worry. Gavin Newsom said the reason for all the illegal aliens coming in is to support the military draft.

  6. Joy Reid just said that Ron DeSantis is “racist” for wanting to prevent looting in Florida… No one claimed looting was a solely non-white thing until she implied it.

    Of course, it was much better when Katrina hit NOLA, and the asshole democrats in charge there went house to house confiscating guns and allowing the niggers there to loot with abandon & chase off any first responders trying to help the locals. That’s how fucking cocksucking democrats handle disasters… By making them ten times worse.

  7. TRF, read THE VENONA SECRETS. Everything you described was planned long in advance by the Soviet Union. The book names names. Then read NONE DARED CALL IT TREASON by John Stormer. Then read NONE DARED CALL IT TREASON 25 YEARS LATER. John Stormer books are not as inclusive but he lays out a solid case of the Soviet Union’s plan to take America down from within. Every teacher in America should be forced to read all three books.

  8. @judgeroybean October 2, 2022 at 10:01 am


    Oh, judge… It’s always Russia, Russia, Russia!

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