America’s Problem is Racial Pessimism, Not Racism

FPM: In December 1963, even after the assassination of Medgar Evers and the KKK bombing of a Baptist church that year, a poll found that 70% of black people believed that race relations between black and white people would eventually be worked out. Only 26% believed otherwise.

In 2021, after one black man in the White House, and another black woman there now, with 59 black members of Congress, and a third of America’s biggest cities being run by black mayors, 59% of black people believe race relations are doomed.

Why were black people in the segregation era more likely to believe that race relations would work out than their children and grandchildren are during the greatest era of black success?

The answer is not that racism is inescapable, but that racial pessimism can be inescapable

Even as black respondents became more racially pessimistic, a curious thing happened, Hispanics became racially optimistic. What surveys about race relations really reveal is that the perception of racism is not a matter of “lived experience”, but of cultural assumptions.

60% of white adults believe that race relations will eventually work out. So do 63% of Hispanic adults. Why are Hispanics even more optimistic about race relations than white people? more

6 Comments on America’s Problem is Racial Pessimism, Not Racism

  1. America’s problem has been a vacuum of leadership: that is, Republicans who are honest and have balls.

    In the vaccum, the left’s gone hog-wild, and the GOPe has been part of the scam.

  2. America’s problem is that communists have infiltrated us and are at the brink of taking over.

  3. it’s always been racism

    racism against the whites in this country
    and we have the democrat kkk to thank for that

  4. Why can’t we all get along? People, ALL of us need to think for ourselves especially those who do not!

  5. When their own best examples in the black community are insulted & called “Uncle Toms” & worse, how are we white folks supposed to decipher that?

  6. America’s problem is RACIALISM.
    The overt act of using race to divide and conquer.
    We are not all created equal, but we are given the chance to be what we choose.
    There are no equal outcomes.
    Our country was founded on the principle that each and every one of us gets the chance to attain the highest level that we desire.
    Tribalism is in our DNA, but the founders who knew this one fact asked that we put our tribalism aside to “Form a more perfect Union”.
    Those that want to destroy our country, the Commies, Collectivists, Soros types, they use RACIALISM to further their unattainable utopian dream.


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