America’s Tallest Man

This is heartbreaking, even though he was an Obama supporter.

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  1. Matthew McGrory, who died aged 32, was, at 7 ft 6 in, the tallest actor in the world; he was also listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as having the world’s largest feet (size 29½). He was born on May 17 1973 in West Chester, Pennsylvania, to parents of Irish descent.
    I lived in West Chester from Jan, 1990 to July, 1999. and had the pleasure to meet him at a WaWa while waiting for some Subs. He was that Giant dude from the Movie Big Fish, and has been one of the most gracious humble likeable human I have ever met. I’m not a small dude, 6’4″ and was completely dwarfed, and yet he always remembered me, recognized me with a big warm smile when ever we encountered each other. Never had any talk of politics, gratefully so. Shame for propaganda democratic agenda decades later CBS has to make the focus of this for a amazing, unfortunate man who has endure such pain and suffering that should only be wished on pocket lining career politicians.

  2. That would be a nearly unbearable burden. Poor guy. His mom, for a senior citizen, did you see how blue her eyes were?

  3. That poor man. Prayers for him.

    DH is a normal 6’5,” now up to 225 lbs. He was much thinner when we met 55 years ago. So he is not abnormally tall. However, buying clothing, shoes and socks for him was a chore up until about 30 years ago. About 45 years ago renting ski equipment for a weekend …ha. Only 1 pair of size 16 ski boots in two counties. He is stuffed into our van. His SUV works well for him thank God. When we built our home, the basement had to be 1 foot taller so he wouldn’t be hitting his head on the I beam at the bottom of the stairs.

    Now the clothing industry has caught up in sizing for tall men, probably because the young people are much taller than their ancestors.

    I can only imagine what that young man is going through just to survive.

  4. @Vietvet , Don’t mean any offense, the proper use of German for “Schwanzstucker” is a steroid enhanced Nazi soy-boy screwing a maid who must had after mistakenly married an ally rat looking challenged Maria Shriver to become a phony Republican to be elected as the Governator of California. Just at the time thought pretending to be Obama, was a good thing. Amazing after all the time she had MSM healthcare she elected to never get her tee-ff fixed,,

  5. Tips hat, @vietvet, what gave it away? Blushing,,,now! Her family was located in Rockville MD, during her youth. Wow, not a real looker she was! Sargent Shriver, 5700 Sugarbush Ln
    Rockville, MD 20852, no doxxing intended, they been long gone. Daddies claim to fame,husband of Eunice Kennedy Shriver. They were back then next door to a childhood friend, Ricky Parsons, that I hung out with listening to WNIX 1600 AM Radio. Now, kind’a amazed, just pellet guns and .22’s were really prevalent back then and she never got tagged,,,

  6. Yeah…bad luck.

    My mother, born 1929, had polio at 2 yrs old. Nobody knew anything about it. This was 20 yrs before the major outbreak in 50’s.

    She’d had 16 surgeries before college. (Science projects) Spent her whole life on crutches. Taught Jr. High for 22 yrs…on the second floor, no elevators, when boys were feeling bold. She took no shit….from anybody.

    Raised her 2 sons and mentored many. Never did she complain, or ask for assistance…to her she was ‘normal’….and you learned that early on.

    So…I have no tolerance for ‘whining’…or people that say ‘I can’t’…or say it hurts.

    She never complained and never explained…it was just is.

    Igor wants assistance…for clothes, shoes, etc. My mother would have rather died than to do that.

    Her life, character, accomplishments make me proud to be her son.

    One thing she did tell me missed out on…she never got to go dancing.


  7. .45-70, sincere missed events, wish only that MMTB (more money than Brains) your comment has me made my rant altered, so much, wiping tear a a way,,Hugs to you, sincerely,,

  8. @Snorky1 (at 1:03 am): I actually got to meet Sargent Shriver once, many years ago. He was in town pressing the flesh in support of some Dem candidate for political office – I can’t even remember who it was or what the guy was running for, so you can tell how impressed I was. It might have been the worthless Jack Brooks, though, whom the voters finally had the good sense to vote out of office in 1994. That would be around the right time frame, I believe.

  9. @Vietvet, nods, years later, called it slamming the ham,,, chuckles. My only ‘remembrance’ of Sargent Shiver was of a good man, deceit man. Had a lot to deal with Eunice’s health, that he did, and is remembered in that way. It’s been 30 years since than, wish we could still have those memories today of then,, Unlike those of McCain

  10. @ Vietvet You got that right about Jack Brooks being worthless. I was one of the voters who $hit-canned that sorry bastard. He was one of the most racist rat bastards in the Democrat Party. He gave LBJ a run for his money when it came to his hatred of blacks and non-Democrats in general. My wonderful ex-wife worked at one of the banks that Jack Brooks owned and he would walk in acting like a total douche bag. My ex was a decent Christian woman and he sat on her desk once and asked where “that cute little red-head” was. She told him she was off that day. He took a long drag on his cigar and said, “That’s a shame, she’s sure got a nice ass.” My ex was offended and said so to him. He just laughed at her. Jack Brooks used the N-word more that the Crips and Bloods, but naturally, the black community loved him because that’s what they were conditioned to do by LBJ and the Democrat Party. He was a pauper when he first went to Congress and became filthy rich from his corruption. He attended the same high school as my mother and me but I guess every high school had it’s embarrassments. Tex Ritter went there too, so I guess things even out. Bottom line is that Jack Brooks was a piece of $hit.

  11. @Hambone: In other words, a typical Dim politician.

    Incidentally, Brooks was the most senior representative ever to have lost a general election for the U.S. House. That shows just how fed up the electorate was of his ass.

  12. @.45 – 70

    I hear you. My mom born 1908. She was normally developing until age 5. She acquired what was later to be thought by doctors, polio. Back in the day, no one knew. She was a human dynamo with a “chicken chest” and severe curvature of the spine. She had 2 miscarriages, my brother died crib death, and after my dad died when I was 10, raised my sister and me by herself. She had to go to work after dad died.

    She was under 4’10” and barely able to see above the counter when she worked at the county treasurers office. She was a human calculator. Brilliant mathematically. She solved it by wearing 3 inch spikes even though her haggared tiny feet obviously were in constant pain. She taught me a lot. Love her.


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