Ami Horowitz Tries To Have a Dialogue With Ferguson Protestors

It is, I’m afraid, nearly hopeless.

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  1. Where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails, and where any one class is made to feel that society is an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade them, neither persons nor property will be safe.

    -Frederick Douglass

  2. I would rather discuss differential calculus with my dog or a turnip. Both are more intelligent, both provide more positive karma in return, and neither will threaten to kill me, rape my wife or shoot my baby in its carriage.

  3. Ami Horowitz has great courage. I thought that one big dumb savage: “what you intervewin’ us for,” was going to hit him.

    The narrative is The Police need retraining.

    The reality is these people are beyond help.

  4. Even though I am against killing babies, this makes me think that maybe the democrats might have valid reasons for offering free abortions.

  5. America is a racist country?

    Fifty years ago the Klan would have been out there stringing those “Protesters” up left and right. Yet there they are advocating the very same treatment of Officer Wilson as their aunts, uncles and grandparents went through? Who’s the racist now Jack?

    The line that Ami could be a friend to the one guy’s face and then go back and call him a n*gger in his hotel room is an insult. That is typical liberal projection. The accuser obviously goes back to his home at the end of the day and talks about the racist crackers after pretending to like them all day to their face.

    I don’t call people names based on skin color. I also don’t discriminate based on skin color. I know a jackass when I see one and I avoid them at all costs whether they are white or black.

    The only reason people don’t want anything to do with this jerks has nothing to do with skin color and everything to do with their attitude.

  6. So many of them with their faces covered. You don’t need to cover your face unless you are up to no good. Ultimately, these guys really don’t give a sh*t about Michael Brown. It’s just a “What’s in it for me?” mob entitlement mentality.

  7. One day, some of these kids will realize they were used by wealthy leftists and the protests were about absolutely nothing. No injustice occurred. Sadly, the protests are just a novelty, and a distraction from the unconstitutional actions of the Obama Administration.
    BTW, Mr. Horowitz is trying to reason with people who have no idea how to reason.

  8. @ Racer X,

    “Where there is no education, ignorance will prevail.”

    I see it like this, “where there is contra-education, ignorance and the idea of ‘social justice’ will prevail.”

    I think we both agree more or less.

    The one line in that video that made any sense was where the guy said the President puts the Mexicans ahead of the Blacks.

    He’s right.

  9. Hopeless is right. Even if you could educate these thugs without the influence of the progressives, it would take over a decade because they would all have to start over from grade one. And if they had to choose between going back to school or burning and looting the town for free shit, they would take the easy way out.

    Alinsky thought this through very thoroughly.

  10. JMHO, but these 2-legged piles of steaming shite need to take their act on the road. Try Mississippi, young’ns. Open arms,we’ll welcome you with; a Glock in one and spare mag in the other.

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