Amnesty For Babies

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  1. These young ones are the real dreamers.
    The dreams were sent forth by what is written in the Book of Life.
    They dream of the Mother that carried, fed and nurtured them.
    They dream of life outside the womb.
    They dream of a chance to live & thrive.
    Suddenly their dream turns to a nightmare of a life denied, No Mother, No Family, No Love, No reverence for life and No future.

  2. ( 1 ) I us told to tell people to call today IG Jeff session to let him know to have ICE agent on this state of the Union. Because the socialist DEMS Re bring criminal illegal aliens. Here is the number 202-353-1555 202-514-2000 .

    ( 2 ) what part of illegal aliens this people don’t understand. The mother is illegal aliens the child isn’t a American citizen.

  3. You presuppose that the donkey party cares about anyone. They don’t – they just pretend to so they can get your vote. So if you want to protect the unborn, then just lower the voting age to 0 and the donkeys will jump all over that.

  4. If that image was of an anchor baby, the first thing it would see at birth was the immigration attorney slapping its ass.

    Every year, our local news does a “First Baby Born In The New Year” human interest story.

    Seems like the last several years it’s been nothing but non-English speaking Mexicans having their joy at taxpayers picking up their medical bills translated to the local media numbnuts.

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