Amnesty International Told To Return Soros’ Money, They’ve Refused

In order to overturn Catholic Ireland’s strict pro-life laws, George Soros’ Open Society funded Amnesty International to run a campaign to legalize abortion. Ireland found the political payments to be illegal and ordered the organizations to repay the $161,000.

Amnesty International has refused to comply with the order claiming that the organization is doing “purely human rights work” with the money.


I thought Amnesty International was supposed to be about political prisoners, not political influence. Apparently they’ve been at it for a while in Ireland.





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  1. If somebody accidentally fired 7.62 round right between his eyes. it would be a terrible disaster for all mankind.

  2. Lots of foreign money helped Ireland pass same sex marriage last year. Culture on the skids, helped by Soros and others. WTF!

  3. @TSUNAMI December 9, 2017 at 3:12 pm

    > What’s it gonna take?

    America to expel The United States.

    (I know, I know… The United States putting its financial “house in order” would have the same effect. But, come on! Which is more likely? An atomic waste explosion on the Moon, sends it hurtling through space, with its multinational, scientific base intact? Americans wish The United States a “fare thee well”? The United States government aborts the abomination that it calls “its” financial system?)

  4. If you are interested on how the Irish people were duped Google “American Entity Funded Irish Same-Sex Marriage Campaign.”
    The same shit is happening with the abortion issue.
    Frightening to learn what money in the wrong hands, coupled with a compliant media, can do to destroy a culture.

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