Amy Klobuchar Vows to Resettle 500 Percent More Refugees, None in Her Neighborhood


Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) is vowing to increase the number of refugees resettled in the United States by more than 500 percent if elected president, almost none of whom would likely be resettled in her neighborhood.

This year, President Trump lowered the annual refugee resettlement cap to its lowest ever at about 18,000 total admissions. This is merely a numerical limit and not a goal to be reached by the State Department.

Klobuchar has vowed to increase refugee resettlement back to Obama levels, admitting at least 110,000 refugees in the U.S. in her first year in office. As president, Klobuchar would “direct the State Department to restore the refugee admissions cap to at least its pre-Trump administration level,” according to her campaign.

Returning to Obama-level refugee admissions would be a more than 500 percent increase in refugee resettlement to the U.S. compared to Trump’s level of refugee resettlement. more

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    Eat a bag of gleet-oozing, smegma-smeared, chancrous illegal alien dicks, Amy.

  2. I love that Americans are being forced to house our vibrant guests. It’s for everyone’s best. I welcome them. They can have the passcode to our front gate when they’re on the lawn crew.

  3. I’m sure this position will endear her to the masses. Has this clueless bint looked at any polls regarding public opinions on immigration? I thought not. This might sell in NYC or the west coast but it sucks in the border states. In Texas our problem is and always has been illegal immigration. As a sixth generation Texan living in Houston for the last 48 years I feel like I’m at the damn Alamo, surrounded by the sobs.

  4. Ringo & her All Star ILLEGAL FOREIGN INVADERS, can take it on the heel & toe to the nearest catapult, for appropriate RE-patriation! 😡

  5. I find it interesting that she is doing well. A friend suggested that it is because she has stood up to Bernie’s socialism. I certainly didn’t expect her to become the nominee but it seems a much greater possibility now.
    None of which will matter in November.

  6. Herr Buchers Democrat way to distribute foreign aliens in the US of A: One alien for you none for me! Two aliens for you none for me! Three aliens for you none for me, etc!

  7. Interesting, my mom lived in an neighborhood built in 1948. Started out as white bluec collar homes. Mexicans started moving in 20-30 years later. Mom’s neighbors became citizens or were born in the US. Now there is a house at end of the street housing at least 12 illegal Hondurians. Pick up trucks all over place. Had their lawn equipment and trail of stolen, probably by other illegals. The Mexican Americans really resent them. They are loud, the house and yards are trashed.

  8. @Katdog

    When I lived in CA {Orange County} occasionally you’d see houses in middle class areas growing rows of corn etc in the front yard.
    Thought I was seeing things.

  9. Gin Blossom, a Pentecostal church Down the street from Mom’s house, attendedef by central Americans are growing corn, etc. Mom’s neighborhood is located in the center of Houston. The area has turned into Mexico del Norte. A lot of these folks are operating an underground economy, no licenses or collection of sales tax required, it’s all flea markets and food trucks or shacks.

  10. Hey, what if we advertised products according to their bugs rather than their features?
    Democrats seem to think this approach is going to work for them?
    Clearly lost their minds.


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