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Amy Schumer Vows To Make Herself Even Less Attractive

The self-described comedian, Amy Schumer, told “Elle” that female joke tellers always have to dress suggestively on stage and she won’t do it anymore. More

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  1. 8My mother use to say, “If you try to figure out a nut, it will make you nuts”. Schumer is nuts.
    She’s pregnant,btw. Bet she’s really blaming the baby for the “ugly” phase she never left.

  2. Is she gonna stop comparing the stench from that Petrie dish of STDs between her legs to a barnyard? That poor child she is incubating. Congenital syphillis is no laughing matter.

  3. …I’m still not sure who Amy Schumer is, or why we should care what she thinks, unless we’ve devolved to the point where comediennes are setting Democrat House policy objectives.

    …Hmm. Now that I see it written down like that, you don’t suppose…

  4. Those upchuck videos will be as popular as golden shower and poop videos. Not that I’ve watched them, no sir. Honest.

  5. for starters, she’s not the type you would take a second look at anyway, she’s not pretty, not funny, not alluring and not sexy.

  6. In a long line of people who set themselves on fire upon Trump’s arrival, it’s hard to think of someone whose mid-section is burning as long or as brightly as Schumer’s.

    She had a then popular weekly show getting renewed. She was starting to appear in movies. And then, upon her first lead role in a tale about how she was tied to some tracks and her ample frame derailed an Amtrak en route to Chicago killing 87 passengers – appropriately enough titled “Trainwreck”, she decided that this moment is when she would record a 3 hour spoken word album of her leftwing political beliefs.

    You can see what’s happening here. Tolerant liberal Hollywood is telling her that she needs to lose some weight and get down under sixteen stone. In protest, she’s going to stay perma-pregnant with a fried chicken and biscuit baby.

  7. Have pity on her.
    She probably had to play “Kiss the Puppet” with Chuck in her toddlerhood.
    It’s also a pretty sure bet that her family knew the Bidens; so she was (most likely) Slow Joe’s cum sock.

    Pray for her.
    (I can’t, but maybe you can)

    izlamo delenda est …

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