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Amy Schumer’s Clothing Line Discriminates Against Largest of Women

Saks off 5th has rolled out a discount line of women’s clothing from Amy Schumer. Under the label “Le Cloud,” Schumer has stated her intention “to be authentic and to empower women of all ages and sizes to do the same.”

The line of clothing, however only goes up to size 20, which Schumer claims is a victory she had to fight hard to achieve. She has stated that later runs of the clothing line will offer sizes up to  40. More


19 Comments on Amy Schumer’s Clothing Line Discriminates Against Largest of Women

  1. It appears that Amy has made herself a goal to get to size 40….If she can’t get to size 40 by the end of this years holidays, she’s just a quitter….

  2. Because every women wants to look as frumpy and callow as Amy Schumer.

    Now if some genius designer came up with a line of clothing as sophisticated and sharp as Melania, why the world would be better place and life in general more vibrant.

  3. I don’t know what a women’s size 40 looks like. I wear a size 42-long sport coat, but I’m a guy, and I’m guessing the sizes don’t compare.

  4. Bob: The Illegal Immigrant Thong


    The Stairway to Size 37


    When the Heavy Breaks

    I Can’t Quit You Gravy

    Trampled Under Footlongs

    Aaaaand…I’m spent.

  5. OK, I gained weight since I no longer work and I hate it. Not even close to a 20. 12 is as far as I will go. I’m working on it. I shudder when I see, especially young, women and men so fat they waddle. Call me racist, prejudiced, fat shaming, whatever. We pay for this bad behavior. If not in taxes, but also in higher health insurance premiums. Subsidizing the sloths. Shame went out the window with the invention of Spandex.

  6. The term “empowering women” makes me gag. I don’t need some vulgar fat lowlife from LA to empower me. And how does making a bedazzled, belted tent empower anyone?


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