An Alliance of “the unelected and the unelectable”

The British are getting a taste of “taxation without representation.”


The House of Lords, blocked a needed entitlement reform proposed by the House of Commons. This vestigial organ of a political institution hasn’t opposed the House of Commons on budget matters for 100 years.

So the “unelected” are the members of the House of Lords, who are appointed for life by the crown. The “unelectable” is the Labour party whose Leader, Jeremy Corbyn, tried to score political points off of Prime Minster David Cameron during Question Time in Parliament.


The interference of the House of Lords into the budgetary decisions of the House of Commons may lead to the members of the Commons to further curtail the powers of the Lords.




3 Comments on An Alliance of “the unelected and the unelectable”

  1. They never really were a democratic republic, and they never really let go of monarchy. It’ll be a quick slide to pre-Magna Carta for them and their already-pre-Magna Carta muslim parasites.

  2. I’m going to the full article, but don’t expect much more clarification. The British parliamentary system is ridiculously complex and frankly idiotic. I don’t really understand how they haven’t collapsed already.

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