An apology to Carter Page


After he was acquitted in a major fraud trial, former Labor Secretary Ray Donovan asked, “Which office do I go to to get my reputation back?” The trial was ruinous for Donovan, personally and financially, and the question was a fair one. Donovan, however, at least received a trial. Former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page has never been given a fair hearing, let alone a trial, to clear his name. As the two political parties spin the results of a report by Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz, one matter remains unaddressed. Someone needs to apologize to Page.

I do not know Page and have had only one conversation with him that I can recall. Indeed, my only impression of him was shaped by the image, repeated in endless media segments, of a shady character who was at worst a Russian spy and at best a Russian stooge. Page became the face and focus for the justification of the Russia collusion investigation. His manifest guilt and sinister work in Moscow had to be accepted in order to combat those questioning the allegations of Trump campaign collusion with the Russians. In other words, his guilt had to be indisputable in order for the Russia collusion investigation to be, so to speak, unimpeachable.

Ultimately, special counsel Robert Mueller found no evidence of collusion or conspiracy by Trump associates or the campaign with those Russians intervening in the election. However, Horowitz found that the FBI never had any real evidence against Page before beginning its investigation, codenamed Operation Crossfire Hurricane. Soon after the investigation was opened, it became clear that Page had been wrongly accused and was, in fact, working for the CIA, not the Russians. Page himself later said he was working with the CIA, yet the media not only dismissed his claim but was very openly dismissive while portraying him as a bumbling fool. read more

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  1. I want him to recieve multiple, large piles of
    big money ripped directly from the finances
    of every politician and propagandist involved
    in trying to destroy him.

  2. Yet this morning on FN Sunday James Comey continues to dig his hole deeper, and to demonstrate why he was fired by defending the Steele dossier as accurate and only one of many facts supporting the FISA warrant. Hope he keeps digging till he reaches the big house.

    I couldn’t hang on and here all of it or Schiff for brains.

  3. Carter Page is in a weird and difficult position. He’s a spook who honed a dork persona and fed information about Russians to the CIA. That’s dangerous enough. Now the whole world knows who he is. Having been outed, this extraordinarily over-educated, former Annapolis Trident scholar and Naval intelligence officer with no visible means of support is doing a quite creditable job maintaining the doofus image.

    Being monitored is likely something he is used to. We do not know whether he knew from the gitgo why, or even cared. We do not know whether he was just neutrally following orders when he rendered himself a two-hop tool for Brennan, Clapper, Obama etc. to get a FISA to retroactively justify their years of illegal spying on political opposition (from at least 2012, and not merely Trump). What’s a spook do when his career cover is blown…

    I suppose it is best that we accept him as innocent American patsy (albeit one who demanded and got 10 meetings with the FBI while being monitored to complain, yet wasn’t interviewed by Mueller or charged with anything — and who masks his microexpressions with a goofy eyebrow-raised smile all the while he vents about his plight and his odd pro se lawsuit). Unless it comes out that he was complicit in the political, I am willing to accept that he has been wronged but it’s unlikely that we ever will know how.

  4. Third world USA internal crimes at their worst. Hail to our DOJ for being elite mafia bums. Nothing has changed and it looks dismal that it will.

  5. The Left never apologizes when it unjustly destroys someone’s life.

    That’s because they don’t regret having done it, in fact they’re usually proud of it.

  6. One thing I never understood in movies is why people are loyal to someone who would put a bullet in their head at the drop of a hat. Why would anybody be loyal to the crooked FBI much less work for them? Or the CIA, the Clintons, the DNC or the democrap party.

  7. Heard someone say the other day that the Democrat clown show along with the IG testifying makes the movie Shooter seem tame when it comes to what our government is capable of, but unfortunately we don’t have any bad ass that would pay back of few them like the movie.

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