An Apple iPhone Feature Catalogs All Your Bra-Related Photos

Daily Caller: Several iPhone owners are starting to notice that Apple has been cataloging their photos into sections, one of which includes bras, brassieres and similar content.

Through an automatic filing feature in the Photos app, iPhones employing the operating system iOS 10 will sort almost all of a user’s pictures into groups, including fairly broad ones like “New memories” or more specific ones like “Breakdancing.” “Bra” and “Brassiere” are included in the 4,432 keywords of different scenes and objects, but boxers, briefs or other similar underwear garments usually donned by men are not.  read more

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  1. Apples going to far. I just pulled down an update on my 8 Plus. Freaken E- mails are almost unreadable. And now the phone tries to guess when I’m driving and shut down the phone.

  2. Bad_Brad- You have to go into your settings and start un-checking shit after the updates. And turn your bluetoof off it it isn’t already. I have an ancient iPhone 5 which can barely get on the internet and I have all the extra fancy shit turned off.

  3. MJA

    I just checked. Bluetooth was on. I’ve never had it on as I have nothing that run Bluetooth. Thanks for the Pro Tip. After the update I can”t get to IOTW through the INTERNET. I need to get here through FaceBook. Bastardos.

  4. This horrible app on my iphone keeps registering me as a woman I think, cuz every man within 10 miles is at my door.

    Grindr? It’s even spelled wrong!

  5. My next phone will be the new Blackberry. Blackberries got some good shit going on running just below the radar.

  6. Weird. No bras section in my phone. Mine must be broken.

    Do they give you the bra photos? I can’t find any at all.

    The only time I could have used my Bluetooth being turned on was after I washed a flip phone with a load of laundry and the ports & screen stopped working. Couldn’t transfer all my numbers to a new phone. Other than that, it seems the way others can hack your phone as you walk by.

    Roaming being on can cost you a lot of money too. Temporarily lose your signal in the city? No problem, here’s this expensive way we can route you through another carrier. I freaked the first time I saw that on my bill and I hadn’t roamed out of the city at any time that month.

    About 11 years ago, my Ex’s libtard youngest daughter was bragging she could get a signal when we couldn’t one time in rural Louisiana. I knew we both used Sprint. ‘You’re roaming feature must be on and your bill is going to be a doozy with how much you’re using it.’ “Whaat? No way. I have so many minutes on my plan and it’s a new month.” Fast forward to next month and we’re all in Louisiana again – she didn’t have a signal. 🙂

    I will only turn that feature on if I’m stuck out on a highway and I’m not going to get my carrier back in that location.

    No one needs more than the iPhone 5, IMO. Does everything you need, easier to carry, and now costs very little to buy. Sometimes people get hooked on having the “latest greatest” when there is no need for it. I know people still using their iPhone 4. Now those people are crazy. 😉

    Why yes, my office PCs and printers still work off WinXP Pro. Why do you ask?

  7. This is Apple. Apple is bananas. These are grapes. Some people might try and tell you that they’re melons. They might scream melon, melon, melon over and over and over again. They might put MELONS in all caps. You might even start to believe that these are melons. But they’re not. They’re grapes.

  8. I once dated a girl with grapes but my ex had apples. Now I only go for melons. This is getting a little fruity, thanks 3rd twin for messing with my brain.

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