An Estimated 2 Million Ballot Images from the 2020 Election Were Illegally Erased in Georgia

Gateway Pundit:
An estimated 2 million original ballot images from the 2020 Election were destroyed illegally in Georgia since the election.  This is illegal and yet no one has been arrested or held accountable.  

Back in November, 2021, VoterGA, an election integrity group based in Georgia, reported that 74 counties in Georgia couldn’t produce their original 2020 Election ballot images.  At the time we reported this President Trump asked why Georgia officials allowed this to happen since it’s clearly against the law more

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  1. Somebody might want to point this out to Dan Crenshaw who’s blind in one eye and can’t see election fraud out the other!

  2. Considering the results thus far, I think a better strategy is a clean, professional hit job on Soros, and a note pinned to his forehead stating “STRONG MESSAGE TO FOLLOW”.

  3. Just more proof that Raffensperger (SOS) and Kemp (governor) are wholly owned subsidiaries of Dominion and the Chicoms. They have refused to follow the law in spite of all the evidence thus far and I seriously doubt that will change because they were complicit in the fraud.

    I think David Perdue was pretty useless in the senate, but I hope he would be better than Kemp as governor. He and Kemp and blobzilla (Stacy Abrams) are supposedly in a 3-way tie in primary polls right now.

  4. I can’t even imagine what the Dems or MSM would do with that if Trump had won. I mean they impeached him twice on manufactured hearsay.

  5. 12 of the 14 metro Atlanta counties had over 100% voter turnout. This has been totally ignored just like the video of the Fulton county bitches that kept running the same ballots through the machine. The GA election was stolen. There are a lot of carrier politicians that need to be tarred and feathered here in the peach state.

  6. If your gonna lie, mys well go big, 2 billion & see thats closer to Mike “Loony Toons” Lindell claims, sad sack cry in my pillows.

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