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An Extra Hour of Sleep, Go Back to Bed

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  1. Thanks, Claudia. Those are great!
    My dog hasn’t set her ‘clock’ back, so she had me up at the usual time.
    I was doing pretty well until I saw all your sleepy critters.
    Now I think I’ll go back to bed!

  2. I’m already up and awake at 3 AM this morning because my body clock tells me it’s really 4. I’m not too crazy about the next 4 months but at least for now the Sun will rise around 6:30 AM which is good because I’m a morning person but with the Sun going down at 4:30 PM now it makes for a shorter day and long nights. With the Sun up at 6:30 now tomorrow my trip over to Kalispell won’t be as bad since Mountain time is an hr. later, last Monday by the time I got to Kalispell it was nearly 8:30 before the Sun came up even though my clock showed it was 7:30 Pacific time. We should go back to Standard time all year round and quit screwing with our body clocks, I love it when the Sun comes up at 3:30 AM or so in the summer (like it used to be before DST) but I’m a morning person which I got from my grandfather who was a farmer and always up early.

  3. The good news is the Lions v Chiefs game kicks off at 6:30 AM Pacific this morning…any football is better than no football, even when it’s at Wembley Field…

  4. Animals sleeping are great – they do it so well. Last night I was reading in bed and one of my Westies jumped up, CLUNKED his head down on me and immediately started snoring. I guess it was time to turn out the light.

  5. “The cuteness! It burns!!!”

    What a great collection theme, Claudia.
    I actually woke up at 6:00 am, old time. 5:00 am in the new world. Penny and I had breakfast and took a nap to make up for it.

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