An FBI Agent Blows The Cover Off The Mar-a -Lago Raid – IOTW Report

An FBI Agent Blows The Cover Off The Mar-a -Lago Raid

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An FBI Agent Blows The Cover Off The Mar a Lago Raid (Ep. 1829) – The Dan Bongino Show

Interview starts at 2:22
This tries to answer questions regarding the lock on the door and not allowing attorneys or residents in the building.

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  1. It was well established that Trump smuggled the parts to a nuclear weapon out of the White House in big mack boxes

  2. @ Larrytheenlightenedliberal

    LOL,You’re always good for a laugh but you ALWAYS come up short with specific evidence.

  3. Pop Trump is my Great-Great-Great-X3-Grandpop. I read all about it at the residential library over a banana split with the Gang. Very historical texts, great pictures too.

  4. Thank God, the original forefathers created by this beautiful country, and the women who bore these people, gave ALL Americans control and power over their government. God Bless the original American FBI, like these people.

    The FBI appears now being under the control and/or influence of criminals, starting with Obama and continuing to Biden, and possibly further in the future.

  5. Larry & Anonymous, trolls.
    Stick with your verified news sources, Google, Fakebook, CNN, MSM, shop at amazon, etc.
    I hope your young enough to remember this, while standing in a food line.

  6. “You have been warned cult members:

    That’s pretty funny. You going to hit us with your purse? What has to happen at this point is our country needs to be split in two. We’re to divided. Libtards, like that moron above me, need to stay in Blue states. Conservatives need to move to Red States. Which is already taking place. With the understanding Red states will not send any money to bail out the weak sister Blue states. You’re on you own. You’ll have nothing to complain about. You can swap Pro Nouns and explore your navel until the cows come home. But don’t ask us to save you.

  7. Liberal Larry, don’t you know he built a nuclear bomb in the basement and hid it in Melania’s panty drawer.

    Brad, that is exactly what needs to happen, we can’t coexist anymore. We need a divorce. I’m perfectly fine with getting rid of our libtards, those who have been here a long time, including some in my own family and the really far left who have moved here within the last 10 years, along with all the illegals. I will more than welcome any and all conservatives who move her from blue states, it’s the idiots we don’t welcome.

  8. Brad August 12, 2022 at 10:01 pm
    “You have been warned cult members:

    I would rather appreciate them being near me, so that if they go off the farm, I can (either by fist or reason) un-indoctrinate these lost souls.

    I truly believe most of these people are innocents. The rest are mentally disturbed. Indict and kill those who created these people. Else, it’s Hitler time again.

    We can work this out without alienating our own people amongst ourselves. Deal with these in-house American haters who started this shit.

  9. @Larrytheenlightenedliberal Trump got those parts out like Radar O’Reilly mailing a jeep home piece by piece.

  10. When we divide up the country, I want all the Conservative/Constitutional/Patriot states to be contiguous. I don’t want to have to drive through any evil states to go anywhere in the United States of America (yes, we get to keep the name AND flag).

    Wait. I have a better idea. Since most big cities, even in the Red states, are Leftist, we build huge walls around them and they are not allowed out. That way, all states are ours and all big dirty leftist controlled cities are theirs.

  11. Claudia

    Driving thru a blue state would be suicide. Look at how the Liberal cities cater to the criminal element now. They would ramp up rewarding the criminal. Kill someone, get the keys to the city. They would de-fund the police, not that any would stay anyway. The only weapons would be the ones the criminal element would posses. There would be such accolations for becoming a trans sexual that idiots would be standing in line to become sterile. So this loser society couldn’t reproduce.
    I think we could walk back in and reclaim that area after 7 to 10 years. They’d become extinct. Stupid Fing people.

  12. pianamusic

    I can’t say I don’t share some of your sentiments. Anne Heche for example. Very upsetting news today. The few times I’ve seen interviews with her I remember thinking that she just didn’t seem happy. Everyone deserves the right to be happy and in the long run Liberalism destroys happiness.
    However the conflict has grown to large. They will never back down. We need to save our own. So give them exactly what they want. And wish the well. Stupid Fing people.

  13. Claudia and Brad, the big city folks will die off soon. The majority of them don’t know how to hunt or how to grow anything, many can’t even cook, although they spend thousands of dollars on show kitchens they’re never used. Then you have the welfare queens, I always laugh my butt off when the machines are down and they can’t use their cards, they always get on social media and say they’re going to starve.

  14. Looking around at some democrat groups to see what they’re saying and a lot of infighting. I’d say it’s about 50/50, cheerleading crowd who thinks he’s going to be convicted of treason and espionage and those who are saying they’re all crazy that if the FBI can go after a former President, they can go after anyone for anything even if they make it up because you pissed off some off duty agent in a bar or his kid doesn’t like your kid.

    I guess some of them are getting it.

    It looks to be even more than half of them who can’t stand Biden because they’re having a rough time making it. None are talking about voting for Republicans, but sure a lot talking about voting for third party candidates.

  15. Fact is that bogus “raid” is similar to party crashers who are mad they weren’t invited into the midst of decent people. Add that the “raid” has nothing to do with any supposed criminalities but is wholly about political opposition and uber-jealousy of Trump. Hilarious that everything the comical democrats and their teary-eyed co-conspirators try to pull always backfires and blows up in their sagging flaccid faces like a dirty plugged-up toilet. SPLAT! pity. lolol

  16. It’s a clear slander campaign. To read anything else into it is ignorant.
    Democrat fear Trump because he proved to the world that a non-politician can be a better, more effective American president than anyone from the elite political class.

  17. When I see “documents”‘ I think “books”‘ and when I see “archive” I think “library.

    So Trump is being persecuted for being late returning books(documents) to the library (archive). Which seems like another “FU peasants” operation.

  18. Funny thing about the often-disgusting “new cultures” which integral Americans face thse days is that this “culture”, otherwise a cult in all its features, grew out from fungus and mold petri dishes, officiated by those who are in for only themselves. Like most greed-saturated gluttonous ignoramuses (think Joe Biden, Clinton woman et al) who engage in blackmail, threats, corruption, criminal rings, swamp-dwelling and everything else filthy and evil the blow-back to their grasping schemes is very often a massive epic fail.


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