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An Ideal Interview with Gretchen Whitmer

This video is from the man who ran my CPL class. He has a few questions he would like to ask our governor. I think he is being too kind! LOL

Watch HERE.

5 Comments on An Ideal Interview with Gretchen Whitmer

  1. The question that really needs to be asked is, “Governor Whitmer, is it true that in high school your predilection for back door action earned you the nickname, ‘Stretchin’ Gretchen’?” Cuz that’s what I heard. Hey, I don’t start rumors, I just spread them. Rumors, that is. Not buttcheecks like Stretchin’ Gretchen.

  2. You can say what you want, about Governor Whitmer. The Michigan Republicans are socialists and the Democrats are communists. No real choice in the cheated elections for the last 30 years.

  3. …an IDEAL interview with Gretchen (or ANY Democrat) ends with the words “May God have mercy on your soul”.

    Then the platform drops out from under them.


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